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March 21, 2017

Nature article on MCL project More ...

March 21, 2017

Irina Nenciu receives Simons Fellowship More ...

March 15, 2017

Andrew Suk receives NSF CAREER Award More ...

February 21, 2017

Andrew Suk named Sloan Fellow More ...

November 1, 2016

Baldwin and Shalen named AMS Fellows More ...

March 1, 2016

Ben Antieau receives NSF CAREER Award More ...

February 23, 2016

Kevin Tucker named Sloan Research Fellow More ...


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WED March 29

Graduate Algebraic K-theory Seminar
Joe Berner (UIC), The Localization Theorem for Negative K-theory.
SEO 1227, 10 AM.

WED March 29

Algebraic K-Theory Seminar
Marco Varisco (SUNY-Albany), Assembly maps for topological cyclic homology.
SEO 1227, 1 PM.

WED March 29

Phil Math Seminar
William Howard (UIC), The basic type structure underlying Martin-Löf type theory.
SEO 427, 3 PM.

WED March 29

Statistics Seminar
Dr. Viswanath Devanarayan (AbbVie), Some statistical considerations in High-Throughput-Screening data evaluations in drug discovery.
SEO 636, 4 PM.

WED March 29

Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Samuel Grushevsky (Stonybrook), Degenerations of Riemann surfaces together with a meromorphic differential.
SEO 427, 4 PM.

THU March 30

Quantum Topology / Hopf Algebra Seminar
Alexander Berenbeim (UIC), Motivations For Homotopy Type Theory - Part 2.
SEO 612, 2 PM.

FRI March 31

Departmental Colloquium
James Freitag (The University of Illinois at Chicago), Model theory and Painleve equations.
SEO 636, 3 PM.

MON April 03

Computer Science Seminar
Yi Huang (UIC), TBD.
SEO 612, 2 PM.

MON April 03

Geometry, Topology and Dynamics Seminar
Nick Salter (University of Chicago), TBA.
SEO 636, 3 PM.

MON April 03

Analysis and Applied Mathematics Seminar
Trevor Leslie (University of Illinois at Chicago), TBA.
SEO 636, 4 PM.