Summer 2017 Leader-Training Workshops
TBA in January 2017
Who should attend a Leader-Training workshop?
Teachers and afterschool leaders who want to use the CryptoClub curriculum to teach cryptography and mathematics in afterschool programs are encouraged to attend. Leaders need not be mathematics teachers—just enthusiastic about math. No prior cryptography experience is required.
What happens at a Leader-Training workshop?
Participants will learn how to
  • teach cryptography in fun and engaging ways
  • incorporate middle-school mathematics into the informal learning environment
  • use a variety of games, internet activities and stories to engage their students
Participants also
  • meet other teachers and afterschool leaders from around the country
  • hear from people with experience teaching Cryptography in a variety of different settings
  • experience the joys of Chicago in the summertime
Participants will receive the CryptoClub books, including The CryptoClub Cipher Handbook for use during the workshop and The CryptoClub Leader Manual for use in leading their own Cryptoclubs.
What happens at a Video Tutorial workshop?
Those who have already attended a CryptoClub Leader-Training Workshop will learn how to help their students produce video tutorials on cryptography and mathematics topics.
How much does it cost to attend a Leader-Training workshop?
The registration fees are $150 for the CryptoClub Leader-Training Workshop and $50 for the Video Tutorial Workshop. The workshops are partially supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.