MATH 181: Calculus II




Math 181 requires a textbook. You can purchase the textbook at the UIC Bookstore.

The textbook is Calculus: Early Transcendentals by William Briggs and Lyle Cochran, published by Addison-Wesley.

No MyMathLab Code is needed for this course unless otherwise specified by your instructor.

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The design of the textbook's cover will depend on where you purchase it (the UIC bookstore has a "UIC version" with a special cover), but the contents of the book are the same.

We will cover chapters 6 through 10 in Math 181. A brief description of the material covered each week is given in the weekly schedule below.

You are expected to read the textbook before the classroom discussion of each topic, as indicated on the schedule of homework and reading assignments.


Please spend a few minutes taking the ALEKS survey:

ALEKS survey


Math 181 includes both written homework and online homework. Problem assignments from the textbook to be written and turned in are listed on the homework page. Online homework is handled through the web-based homework system MyMathLab.

Your instructor may assign additional problems (either online, written, or both).


The Math Learning Center (MSLC) is located in SEO 430. It is a spacious and comfortable place to study. Staff will be available during its hours of operation to assist students with Math 181. You should visit the center and get to know different TAs and peer tutors that can provide you with instant help.


The course grade is based on the total number of points from hour exams, homework, quizzes, and the final exam. Students are expected to be present for all exams. Makeup exams will only be given in case of a verifiable emergency or a formal request by the UIC atheletic department. Do not schedule travel on an exam date.

Homework and quizzes 100 points total Details determined by your instructor
Two Hour Exams 100 points each Fri Feb 21 and Fri Apr 4
Final Exam 200 points Thursday, May 8, 3:30-5:30 pm


Here is a brief overview of the material we will cover each week. (See also: detailed schedule and homework list)

1 5.3, 5.5, 6.2 Review of the FTC and substitution method, regions between curves
2 6.3-6.4 Volume by slicing
3 6.4-6.6 Volume by shells, length of curves
4 7.1-7.3 Integration by parts, by substitutions
5 7.3-7.4 Partial fractions
6 7.6 Numerical integration (+ review, exam 1)
7 7.6,7.7 Numerical integration, improper integrals
8 8.1-8.2 Introduction to sequences and series
9 8.3-8.4 Divergence and Integral tests
10 8.4-8.5 Ratio, root, and comparison tests
11 8.6 Alternating series (+ review, exam 2)
12 9.1-9.2 Taylor polynomials and properties of power series
13 9.3-10.1 Taylor series
14 10.1-10.3 Parametric equations, polar coordinates
15 10.3 Calculus in polar coordinates (+ review)



Students with disabilities who require special accommodations for access and participation in this course must be registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS). Students who need exam accommodations must contact ODS in the first week of the term to arrange a meeting with a Disability Specialist.

Please contact ODS at 312/413-2183 (voice) or 312/413-0123 (TTY).