MATH 181: Calculus II


Exam Dates

First Hour Exam Friday, October 4, in class
Second Hour Exam Friday, November 8, in class
Final Exam Thursday, December 12, 3:30 - 5:30 pm

Final Exam Rooms

Instructor Room
Kobotis LC C3
Cabrera LC A1
Pantic LC C4
Shulman LC A1
Slodkowski LC C6

Study Guides and Archived Exams

Before Spring 2012, math 181 used a different textbook and the midterm exams were held later (in weeks 7 and 13, rather than 6 and 11). As a result, the archived midterm exams available below may cover slightly different material than this semester's exams.

Solutions to many of the old exams can be found on David Cabrera's page.

* First Exam:
* Second Exam:
* Final Exam: