To Do ListΒΆ

  • GUI

    • Allow you to get the info (position, radius) of a horoball by clicking it.
  • Documentation

    • More hyperlinks
    • Expand tutorial
    • Make more screencasts
  • snappy

    • Longitude detection in manifolds with a single torus cusp (ie, the slope that dies in homology). Requested by Saul.
  • Kernel

    • Merge Jeff’s changes into SnapPy’s copy of the kernel.
    • After this, consider making SnapPy’s copy the canonical one by definition.
    • Improve the situation with uFatalErrors.
  • Minor

    • dual_curves should really cache it’s result and have this used by drill
    • One should be able to convert a SymmetryGroup to a Sage permutation group.
    • Also, the SymmetryGroup presentation function should be wrapped. There is code for this in the old SnapPeaPython.
  • Ambitious

    • A new basic (sub)class: S3Knot (and/or S3Link).

    • Consider adding a HeegaardSplitting class

    • Consider merging our t3m project and normal surface code into SnapPy.

    • Redo much of Snap in the context of Sage/SnapPy.

      • Add a method for computing tetrahedron shapes to arbitrary precision.
      • Add methods for computing invariant trace fields and related number fields.
      • Add a method which implements and extends Harriet Moser’s algorithm to allow SnapPy to prove that a manifold is hyperbolic.

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