The CryptoClub Project
Janet Beissinger, Principal Investigator
UChicago STEM Education
University of Chicago
Bonnie Saunders, Co-Principal Investigator
Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago
Karen Peterson, Chief Executive Officer, Principal Investigator, NGCP
Casi Herrera, Program Manager
Dave Schaller
Vicki Coulon, Research Scientist, EDC
Ginger Fitzhugh, Senior Research Associate, EDC
The CryptoClub Advisory Board
James Diamond
EducationalDevelopment Center, New York
Joan Freese
Twin Cities PBS, St Paul, Minnesota
James Harold
Space Science Institute
Sajna Ibrahim
University of Illinois at Chicago
Andy Isaacs
University of Chicago
Kemi Jona
Northeastern University
Kathy Kelso
University of Chicago
Stephen Oxman
DeVry Educaiton Group
University of Illinois at Chicago, previous collaborators
Daria Tsoupikova, Co-Principal Investigator
School of Art and Design
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
Susan Goldman, Co-Principal Investigator
Department of Psychology
Learning Sciences Research Institute
Vera Pless, Emerita
Rodney Harris, Research Specialist
Learning Sciences Research Institute
Gail Tang, Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Debra Levine, Project Coordinator
Learning Sciences Research Institute