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June 20, 2019

Coskun named University Scholar More ...

June 19, 2019

Castro Superfine receives $4.7m NSF grant More ...

April 19, 2019

Min Yang named ASA Fellow More ...

April 15, 2019

Vali Siadat Receives AMS Impact Award More ...

March 20, 2019

Uhlenbeck receives Abel Prize More ...

February 19, 2019

Perkins receives NSF CAREER Award More ...

November 1, 2018

Friedland and Groves named AMS Fellows More ...

June 27, 2018

Ross, Schaposnik and Zhang receive NSF CAREER Awards More ...

June 27, 2018

Martin receives Benjamin Banneker Association Lifetime Achievement Award. More ...

June 27, 2018

Castro Superfine named ISDDE Fellow More ...


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WED June 26

Algebraic K-Theory Seminar
Joel Stapleton (UIC), Computing $K(\mathbb{F}_p[x]/(x^2), (x))$ and $K(\mathbb{Q}[x]/(x^2), (x)) \otimes H\mathbb{Q}$.
1227 SEO, 2:00 PM.

FRI June 28

UIC Singularity Workshop
Ignacio Luengo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Post-quantum Cryptography with high degree polynomials.
636 SEO, 2:00 PM.

FRI June 28

UIC Singularity Workshop
Jorge Martin Morales (CUD, Zaragoza, Spain), Motivic zeta functions on Q-Gorenstein varieties.
636 SEO, 3:00 PM.

FRI June 28

UIC Singularity Workshop
Eva Elduque (University of Madison-Wisconsin), Weakness of higher order Alexander-type invariants.
636 SEO, 4:00 PM.

SAT June 29

UIC Singularity Workshop
Laurentiu Maxim (University of Madison-Wisconsin), Euclidean distance degree and the multiview conjecture.
636 SEO, 9:00 AM.

SAT June 29

UIC Singularity Workshop
José I. Cogolludo (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain), Asymptotic behavior of fundamental groups of smooth surfaces.
636 SEO, 10:00 AM.

WED August 28

Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Jesse Wolfson (University of California Irvine), TBA.
427 SEO, 4:00 PM.

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