MATH 088: Intermediate Algebra Workshop




This is a co-requisite course for Math 090 students. It is intended to address gaps in students' mathematical knowledge and provide them with problem solving tactics and tools to help them succeed in Math 090 and subsequent courses. Topics covered include but are not limited to: order of operations, properties of real numbers, problem solving and mathematical language, calculation without a calculator, distribution and factoring, exponents, and radicals.


Course Materials

There is no required text for this course. Worksheets and homework will be provided in class and can be found on Blackboard. Calculators are NOT allowed on worksheets or homework, unless otherwise specified.

Course structure

The class meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please see your class schedule for specific times and classrooms. In addition, your instructor will be available during their office hours. Specific information can be found under Sections.


This is a co-requisite course for Math 090 students. If you are taking this class because you were required to by the results of the placement test, then you must remain enrolled in Math 088 in order to remain enrolled in Math 090. Dropping Math 088, or insufficient attendance to Math 088, may result in you being dropped from Math 090.



Attendance Policy: In order to successfully complete the course, your active involvement in learning is essential. Therefore, a serious commitment on your part to attend is a basic requirement of that. Attendance in the course will be taken every class starting with week 3. An attendance percentage below 75% will result in an automatic Unsatisfactory for the course.

Appeals: Students that know ahead of time that they have an existing or potential conflict with the class must inform their instructor in the first two weeks of the semester using the absence appeals form.

Furthermore, students can appeal during week 9 and 10, as well as week 14 and 15 to their instructor using the appeals form provided below. Note: no appeals will be accepted after the last day of class or at any other time!

In cases when the instructor cannot determine whether or not the reason is compelling, the instructor will forward the appeal to the director of undergraduate studies, who will decide.

Cheating the Attendance Policy: Trying to cheat the attendance policy is unacceptable, and the punishment for cheating will be severe and may result in receiving an automatic Unsatisfactory grade for the course. Examples of trying to cheat the attendance policy include (but are not limited to) signing a classmate in who is not present or providing false documentation of an absence.

Electronic Devices

You may not use electronic devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) during class for any reason without the permission of the instructor. We ask that you stay focused on the material while attending class. If this becomes a problem, you will be asked to leave the room.


The use of any electronic devices with computing capabilities is prohibited during quizzes.


Each class meeting, students will work on either group work, activities, worksheets, or one-on-one tutoring. Participation in these activities is required, and determines the participation component of your grade.


Homework for the course will be assigned weekly. Homework will be turned in at the next class meeting after it is assigned. Late homework will be accepted at the discretion of your instructor. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out the homework from a classmate. All worksheets required to complete the homework will be posted on Blackboard. There will be 12 homework assignments and the lowest two scores will be dropped. Homework problems will be graded in full, and just an answer will not earn any credit. You should pay attention to the comments on each graded homework since the quizzes will be graded in a very similar way.


There will be quizzes roughly every other week starting week 3. A total of 6 will be given and the lowest score will be dropped.


For the final project, you will be assigned to a small group of students to prepare a presentation on a topic from the course. You will need to collaborate within your group, and this will involve meeting together and working outside of class time. Presentations will take place in November. You will receive a complete description of the final project in a few weeks.


This course grade is Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. To receive a Satisfactory grade, you must attend 75% of the class meetings, participate in the activities and worksheets, and earn a 70% or better final course percentage.

If you receive a Satisfactory in Math 090 but an Unsatisfactory in Math 088, you will be allowed to advance to Math 110 (or any other course that has Math 090 as a prerequisite). However, the Unsatisfactory grade will remain on your transcript for Math 088. If you receive an Unsatisfactory in Math 090 but a Satisfactory in Math 088, you will have to repeat Math 090 but will not be required to repeat Math 088.

Final Grades: The final course percentage for the class is calculated as follows:

Note that there is no final exam for this class.

Midterm Grades: It is university policy to assign midterm grades to all students in 000 level courses. To receive a Satisfactory midterm grade, you must attend 75% of the class meetings and earn a 70% or better midterm course percentage.

The midterm course percentage for the class is calculated as follows:

Tips on interpreting your midterm grade can be found at


Academic Integrity Policy

As an academic community, UIC is committed to providing an environment in which research, learning, and scholarship can flourish and in which all endeavors are guided by academic and professional integrity. All members of the campus community - students, staff, faculty, and administrators - share the responsibility of insuring that these standards are upheld so that such an environment exists. Instances of academic misconduct by students will be handled pursuant to the Student Disciplinary Policy:

Academic Deadlines

Current academic calendar and the list of deadlines can be found at

Disability Policy

The University of Illinois at Chicago is committed to maintaining a barrier-free environment so that students with disabilities can fully access programs, courses, services, and activities at UIC. Students with disabilities who require accommodations for access to and/or participation in this course are welcome, but must be registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). You may contact DRC at 312-413-2183 (v) or 312-413-0123 (TTY) and consult the following:

Religious Holidays

Students who wish to observe their religious holidays shall notify the faculty member by the tenth day of the semester of the date when they will be absent unless the religious holiday is observed on or before the tenth day of the semester. In such cases, the student shall notify the faculty member at least five days in advance of the date when he/she will be absent. The faculty member shall make every reasonable effort to honor the request, not penalize the student for missing the class, and if an examination or project is due during the absence, give the student an exam or assignment equivalent to the one completed by those students in attendance. If the student feels aggrieved, he/she may request remedy through the campus grievance procedure. For a calendar of this year's religious holidays, please see:

Grievance Procedures

UIC is committed to the most fundamental principles of academic freedom, equality of opportunity, and human dignity involving students and employees. Freedom from discrimination is a foundation for all decision making at UIC. Students are encouraged to study the University's "Nondiscrimination Statement". Students are also urged to read the document "Public Formal Grievance Procedures". Information on these policies and procedures is available on the University web pages of the Office of Access and Equity: