MATH 118: Mathematical Reasoning


We will be using Gradescope, an online grading platform, for grading discussion worksheets, written homework, and projects. Your instructor will create an account for you on Gradescope. Using Gradescope requires scanning and uploading assignments. Your instructor and TA will do this for discussion sheets and projects. YOU will be responsible for scanning and uploading all written homework assignments. YOU MUST use the template provided on BlackBoard. Given we are scanning, please do not use a light pencil.

If you do not have access to a scanner at home, you can:

To upload to Gradescope you need access to a computer. There are many student computer labs on campus.

Find instructions for scanning using a smart phone and submitting an assignment to Gradescope here.

Gradescope will give you an electronic copy of all of your grades. Please make sure your grades align with BlackBoard.