MATH 125: Linear Algebra for Business


Resources for Students

Students are strongly encouraged to make use of all of the resources provided by the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.

Office hours:
Your course instructor and TA will hold regular office hours. You can visit them and discuss the course material. You are also advised to discuss in a timely manner issues that may be preventing you from performing to the best of your potential in the course.
Math Learning Center:
The Math and Science Learning Center is located in SES 3510. It is a spacious and comfortable place to study. Teaching Assistants and peer tutors are available to assist students with Math 125. You should visit the MSLC and get acquainted with TAs and peer tutors who can provide you with instant help.
Business Learning Center:
The BLC is located in ETMSW Room L270
Group Work:
You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with your fellow students and to work together. Working in groups makes explanation of approaches and solutions to each other part of the learning process.