MATH 220: Differential Equations





Techniques and applications of differential equations, first and second order equations, Laplace transforms, series solutions, graphical and numerical methods, and partial differential equations. Course Information: Prerequisite(s): Grade of C or better in MATH 210. Students must enroll in one Laboratory-Discussion and one Lecture.

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Homework 10%
Quizzes 10%
Midterm Exam 1 20%
Midterm Exam 2 20%
Final Exam 40%

Missing an exam is permitted only for the most compelling reasons. Except in extraordinary situations, permission should be obtained in advance from the instructor to miss an exam; otherwise you will be awarded a zero.


The grade cut-offs for the course are:

Points X Grade
X => 83 A
65 <= X < 83 B
50 <= X < 65 C
40 <= X < 50 D
X < 40 F



Lectures and discussion/problem sessions: As explained in the course description, in order to successfully complete the course, your active involvement in learning is essential. Therefore, a serious commitment on your part to attend both the lectures and the discussion/problem sessions is a basic requirement of that. Attendance in the course will be taken both in lecture and in discussion sections. In lecture, attendance is taken using the quizzes, and will not be taken until starting in week 3.

A percentage below 75% in lecture, or a percentage below 75% in discussion will result in a drop of one letter grade for the course as a consequence. Below 50% attendance in either one of these categories will result in an automatic F for the course.

Appeals: Students that know ahead of time that they have an existing or potential conflict with the class must inform their instructor in the first two weeks of the semester using the absence appeals form.

Furthermore, students can appeal during week 9 and 10, as well as week 14 and 15 to their instructor using the appeals form provided below. Note: no appeals will be accepted after the final exam or at any other time!

In cases when the instructor cannot determine whether or not the reason is compelling, the instructor will forward the appeal to the director of undergraduate studies, who will decide.


Homework for the course is assigned and graded. It is the same for all sections, and will be published in Crowdmark. Sample homework problems can be found here homework assignments but the actual problems you need to submit will be in the Crowdmark email. You may work together in a group of students on the homework problems, but you must write up the solutions by yourself! It is very important to note that the solutions to the problems will be graded in full, and just an answer will not earn any credit. Late homework will not be accepted. The two worst homework scores will be dropped at the end of the semester. Homework will not be assigned until week 3 of the course.


The quizzes will be given during your regular lecture time on randomly chosen days. They will typically consist of one or two questions based on recent material with the purpose of keeping you involved and active in the lectures, and of letting you know if you are following the concepts. It will be graded by your TA. There will be no make-up quizzes given, but your worst two quizzes will be dropped when computing your quiz totals. Remember that quizzes will also be used for your attendance check. Quizzes will not be given until week 3 of the course.


Calculators will not be permitted on exams or quizzes.

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Disability Policy

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Religious Holidays

Students who wish to observe their religious holidays shall notify the faculty member by the tenth day of the semester of the date when they will be absent unless the religious holiday is observed on or before the tenth day of the semester. In such cases, the student shall notify the faculty member at least five days in advance of the date when he/she will be absent. The faculty member shall make every reasonable effort to honor the request, not penalize the student for missing the class, and if an examination or project is due during the absence, give the student an exam or assignment equivalent to the one completed by those students in attendance. If the student feels aggrieved, he/she may request remedy through the campus grievance procedure.

Grievance Procedures

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