MATH 220: Differential Equations


NOTE: Calculators may not be used on the exams. The exams will be written so that they are not needed. The midterm exams are given in class. The room for the final exam is TBA.

Exam Dates

First Exam February 22, in class
Second Exam March 22, in class
Final Exam May 9, 6pm-8pm

Final Exam Rooms


Exam Conflicts

  • A student may take an alternate exam if the scheduled time for another final exam is the same as that for the Math 220 exam AND the other course is listed second after Math 220 in the timetable:
  • Having two final exams in one day is not considered a conflict and does not entitle a student to take the final exam at the alternate time.
  • Note carefully that you are expected to be on campus and available to take exams until the very end of the semester.
  • If you have a conflict with both the regular exam time and the alternate time please notify your instructor at least one week before the exam to make other arrangements. Do NOT make any travel plans, or other plans to be away until you are sure that you will be available for all your exams.
  • Only the students with conflict or students that have a verifiable proof of an emergency that prevented them from attending the exam on the regular day will be allowed to take a make up exam.

General Information about the Final Exam

  • Drop-in help is available at the Math Sciences Learning Center, SEO 430.
  • The exam covers the material of the entire semester.
  • Calculators may NOT be used on the final. The exam will be written so that calculators are not needed.
  • Incompletes will only be approved if you have been making satisfactory progress in the course and are unable to complete the work for the course because of illness or some other compelling reason. The expectation of a poor grade is NOT sufficient justification.

Study Guides and Sample Exams

The archived midterm exams available below may cover slightly different material than the current semester's exams as a result of possible changes to the syllabus and/or course policies. Please ask your instructor for the actual list of topics covered on a specific exam.

* First Exam:
* Second Exam:
* Final Exam: