STAT 101: Introduction to Statistics


All STAT 101 homework assignments will be done online, with MyStatLab. Each student must purchase a MyStatLab access code. An access code can be purchased from the UIC bookstore, either bundled with the paper textbook or separately. (Access to the e-book is provided when you purchase the access code alone.) It is also possible to purchase an access code from online, with a credit card.

If you are in Embers' class, please enter MyStatlab through Blackboard.

Creating your MyStatLab account

Four things are required to create a MyStatLab account:

  1. Your access code
  2. The UIC ZIP code: 60607
  3. Your email address (this is not required to be a address)
  4. The course ID assigned to your section (your instructor will have announced this in the lecture)

With this information in hand, go to and click on "Student" in the "Register" box.

You will be asked to create a password. Please remember your password - the only way to reset the password is to phone the help desk at

After creating an account you can login to MyStatLab at any time to access the course material, do the homework assignments and take quizzes.