Applying to MSCS

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science admits qualified students on a competitive basis to its graduate programs each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer). New international applicants to the university are admitted beginning in the Fall term only, due to the time required to issue I-20s and the availability of funds.

Application Deadlines for ALL applicants:

Only applicants who submit a complete application packet will be considered. Applications will not be accepted after the posted deadlines:

December 15 for Fall semester admission (domestic and international)
October 1 for Spring semester (domestic applicants only)
March 15 for Summer semester (domestic applicants only)

New UIC graduate applicants are required to upload their documents and academic credentials electronically to satisfy both the MSCS departmental requirements and the UIC Graduate Admission requirements. To begin your application or to learn more about the application process, visit Graduate Admissions.

Current UIC graduate students interested in pursuing a concurrent degree in MSCS should review the guidelines posted for transfers within UIC.

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