Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants refers to students currently enrolled as degree seeking students in another graduate program at UIC. These applicants include students interested in concurrently pursuing a second graduate degree in MSCS as well as those interested in leaving their current program to pursue a graduate degree in MSCS. All applicants are considered on a competitive basis.

To receive full consideration, applicants must submit all materials by the deadline:

  • June 1 for Fall semester admission
  • November 1 for Spring semester admission
  • April 1 for Summer semester admission

Required Application Materials for Transfer Applicants

Applicants should have successfully completed 4 courses required from the core curriculum for the MS Degree. Please submit a hard copy of the application packet to the MSCS Graduate Studies office, 339 SEO, containing:

  1. Application for Graduate Appointment, including the personal statement. This serves as the application for admission. Include your University Identification Number (UIN) and your email address with your documentation. Note that most concurrent students are funded by their major department.
  2. A listing of courses you have taken toward the degree, with terms of enrollment and grades.
  3. 2 to 3 letters of recommendation are required. Please have your letters of recommendation e-mailed to the Director of Graduate Studies.

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