Course Selection

We encourage you to stop by the MSCS Graduate Studies office, 339 SEO, if you have any questions about graduate student policies and procedures. Don't forget to consult these important resources as you plan your graduate program:

Faculty Mentors
It is essential that you meet with your Faculty Mentor to ensure that you are making the best possible academic decisions. New students are assigned a Faculty Mentor during the first term of enrollment. The Faculty Mentor serves are your course advisor until a thesis advisor is selected. Students may request a particular Faculty Mentor by contacting the Graduate Studies office; the Faculty Mentor should be a professor in the student's field of interest.
MSCS Graduate Student Handbook pdf
Refer to the Department's Graduate Student Handbook to check degree requirements, prelim exam content, MS exam content, and other useful information that will guide you in planning your graduate program.
MSCS Graduate Courses
Planning more than one term in advance is important since several courses are not offered every term. First, you can access a list of 500 level MSCS courses to be offered during the current academic year. This list identifies the professors teaching the courses and any special topics to be covered. Second, it is also helpful to know how frequently particular courses are offered; you can access a list of MATH courses and a list of STAT courses .
Graduate College Catalog
Refer to the Graduate College catalog to check on policies that govern your program enrollment and specific degree. Contact the MSCS Graduate Studies office is additional guidance or particular forms are needed.
Schedule of Classes
New students can access to view courses offered for the current term, the time/days the class will meet, and the CRN (course reference number) needed to enroll in the course. Course enrollment is initiated by the student using the portal. Students can add and drop courses themselves through the first two weeks of the Fall or Spring term (and during the first week of the Summer term). After this period, students will need to contact the MSCS Graduate Studies office for forms needed to initiate any further schedule changes.
Course Enrollment
The Enrollment web link provides information about special types of enrollment that you may need to consider throughout your studies: Leaves of Absence, Independent Study, Thesis Hours, Zero Credit Hours, and Pass/Fail. This link also highlights the various registration policies that apply to refunds and changes to your schedule after the start of the term.
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