Links to Assist Your Job Search

Electronic Job Boards

American Mathematical Society
... offers job assistance and job listings for the PhD mathematician.
... is a free, automated job application system, sponsored by the American Mathematical Society.
Employment Information in the Mathematical Sciences (EIMS)
... lists positions available worldwide in academia.
Association for Women in Mathematics
... lists professional opportunities and other related links.
Mathematical Association of America
... lists teaching and research opportunities available at US colleges and universities.
Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
... lists employment opportunities of interest to applied and computational mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, physicists, and statisticians.
Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Search statistical jobs by date posted, state, or country.
American Statistical Association
Search statistics opportunities available worldwide.
Society of Actuaries
... lists actuarial positions available worldwide.
Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
Search regional job openings at member institutions.
USA Jobs - Federal Employment (US Government)
... is the official site for the United States Office of Personnel Management. The site lists federal employment opportunities, offers an on-line application and jobs by email.
America's Job Bank
... was developed by the United States Department of Labor to help meet the needs of today's labor market. Job seekers can create and post their resumes on-line, set-up an automated job search, or search a database of nearly one million positions.
Job Central
Search US jobs by state or major metro area.
The Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network
... lists over 3000 positions at over 1000 institutions as well as current articles on job search related topics.
... lists over one million jobs and contains over 3000 pages of resume help, salary data, and industry information.
... provides career resources and job listings for applicants in the fields of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics.
JobBank USA
Search jobs by job title, submit resumes electronically, and get tips on resume writing. - Information Technology job board
... is the leading Information Technology job board. This website also offers a range of career services for the job seeker.
Academic Keys
... information for graduate students seeking academic career opportunities in higher education.
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