About Our Graduates

The MSCS department awards doctoral degrees each year as indicated below along with the thesis title, thesis advisor, and the first place of employment.


Charles Alley
On the Monodromy of Meromorphic Cyclic Opers on the Riemann Sphere (David Dumas)
Mano Vikash Janardhanan
Algorithms for Learning Networks and Learning from Networks (Lev Reyzin)
John Kopper
Stability and Positivity of Cycles (Izzet Coskun)
Postdoctoral Associate, Penn State University
Eun Hye Lee
On Certain Multiple Dirichlet Series (Ramin Takloo-Bighash)
Postdoctoral Associate, Stony Brook University
Cloie McClellan
Separable at Birth: Products of Full Relatively Quasi-Convex Subgroups (Daniel Groves)
Data Scientist, Conversant
Marieme Ngom
A Theoretical and Numberical Analysis of the Faraday Wave Experiment (David Nicholls)
Postdoctoral Appointee, Argonne National Laboratory
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Haldun Ozgur Bayindir
Topological Equivalences of E-infinity Differential Graded Algebras (Brooke Shipley)
Postdoctoral Associate, University of Haifa
Joseph Berner
Shape Theory in Homotopy Theory and Algebraic Geometry (Henri Gillet)
Nathan Bliss
Computing Series Expansions of Algebraic Space Curves (Jan Verschelde)
Software Developer, First Trust Portfolios, L.P.
Mercer Bridges
Effective Divisors on Kontesivich Moduli Spaces (Coskun, Izzet)
Lecturer, University of Illinois at Chicago
Alex Cameron
Extremal Problems on Directed Hypergraphs and the Erdos-Gyarfas Ramsey Problem Variant for Graphs (Gyorgy Turan, Dhruv Mubayi)
Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University
Samuel Cole
An Iterative Spectral Approach to Recovering Planted Partitions (Shmuel Friedland)
PIMS postdoctoral fellowship - University of Manitoba
Jin Du
Scales, Diamond and the Strong Tree Property (Dima Sinapova)
Benjamin Fish
New Models and Algorithms for Data Analysis (Lev Reyzin)
Postdoctoral Researcher, Microsoft Research, Montreal
Daniel Ingebretson
Hausdorff Dimension of Kuperberg Minimal Sets (Steven Hurder)
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Indianapolis
Matthew Kaplan
A Nonlinear Least Squares Framework for Periodic Grating Identification with a HOPS Implementation (David Nicholls)
Data Scientist, United Services Automobile Association
Trevor Leslie
Regularity and Energy Laws in Hydrodynamic Models of Newtonian Fluids and Collective Behavior (Roman Shvydkoy)
Van Vleck Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Keren Li
Score-Matching Representative Approach for Big Data Analysis with Generalized Linear Models (Jie Yang)
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida
Yi Lin
Hellinger Information and Optimal Design for Nonregular Models (Min Yang)
Ali Mohajer
Upper Bounds on the Density of Two Radius Packings of Disks in the Plane (Peter B. Shalen)
Lecturer, Tulane University
Tasos Moulinos
Topological K-theory and Invertibility (Brooke Shipley and Benjamin Antieau)
Postoctoral Associate, University of Toulouse,France
Janet Page
The Frobenius Complexity of Hibi Rings (Kevin Tucker)
Heilbronn Research Fellow, University of Bristol
Samuel Shideler
Limit F-signature Functions of Diagonal Hypersurfaces (Kevin Tucker)
Data Scientist, Open Data Group
David Simpson
The Application of Ribbon Hopf Algebras to Invariants of 1-1 Tangles (Louis Kauffman)
Jeffrey Sommars
Algorithms and Implementations in Computational Algebraic Geometry (Jan Verschelde)
Software Developer, First Trust Portfolios, L.P.
Lujia Wang
Problems in Extremal and Probabilistic Combnatorics (Dhruv Mubayi)
Visiting Lecturer, University of California, San Diego
Xin Wang
Optimal Design for Nonlinear Models with Random Effects and Information-Based Subdata Selection for LASSO (Min Yang)
Quantitative Analyst, Bank of the West
Shuhang Yang
Examples of Isotrivial Elliptic Threefolds Over P^2 and Their Discriminants (Anatoly Libgober)
Postdoctoral Associate, Yau Mathematical Science Center, Tsinghua University
Shuang Zhou
Parametric and Nonparametric Approaches for Estimating Risk-neutral Density (Jie Yang)
Data Scientist, Conversant, LLC
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Edgar Bering
Compatible Trees and Outer Automorphisms of a Free Group (Marc Culler)
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Research, Temple University
Xianwei Bu
D-Optimal Designs for Multinomial Logistic Models (Jie Yang)
Senior Research Statistician, Abbvie, Inc.
Qianshun Cheng
Novel Algorithm for Constrained Optimal Design and Information-Based Subdata Selection for Logistic Models (Min Yang)
Research Statistician, Monsanto
Ellie Dannenberg
Circle Packings on Surfaces with Complex Projective Structures (David Dumas)
Visiting Assistant Professor, Harvey Mudd College
Bruno De Mendonca Braga
Topics in the Nonlinear Geometry of Banach Spaces (Christian Rosendal)
Postdoctoral Fellow, York University
Yen Duong
On Random Groups: The Square Model at Density d<1/3 and as Quotients of Free Nilpotent Groups (Daniel Groves)
ACT&SAT Coach, Testive
Vladimir Finkelshtein
Diophantine Properties of Groups of Toral Automorphisms (Alexander Furman)
Postoctoral Fellow, University of Gottingen
Xing Gu
On the Cohomology of the Classifying Spaces of Projective Unitary Groups and Applications (Brooke Shipley and Benjamin Antieau)
Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
Tung Hoang
Clustering DNA Sequences Using Fourier Power Spectrum and Chaos Game Representation (Stephen Yau)
Postocdoral Research Associate, Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago
Yi Huang
Problems in Learning Under Limited Resources and Information (Lev Reyzin)
Postdoctorial Associate, University of Chicago
Liyuan Jiang
A Nonparametric Estimate of the Risk-Neutral Density and its Applications (Jie Yang)
Risk Management Associate, JP Morgan & Chase
Adam Lelkes
Algorithms and Complexity Results for Learning and Big Data (Gyorgy Turan and Lev Reyzin)
Software Engineer, Google
Maxwell Levine
Reflection Properties veresus Squares: Some Compatibility Results (Dima Sinapova)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Schroedinger Institute
Victoria Noquez
Vaught's Two-Cardinal Theorem and Notions of Minimality in Continuous Logic (David E. Marker)
Postdoctoral Associate, University of Indiana
Alex Stathis
Intersection Theory on the Hilbert Scheme of Points in the Projective Plane (Izzet Coskun)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Temple University
Nicholas Syring
Gibbs Posterior Distributions: New Theory and Applications (Min Yang)
Postdoctoral Lecturer in Statistics, University of Washington, St. Louis
Tian Tian
Optimal design theory in early-phase dose-finding problems (Min Yang)
Senior Research Statistician, Abbvie, Inc.
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R. Seckin Adali
Sincular Loci of Restriction Varieties (Izzet Coskun)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oslo
Alex Austin
Logarithmic Potentials and Quasiconformal Flows on the Heisenberg Group (Jeremy Tyson and David Dumas)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of California, Los Angeles
Michael Cantrell
Ergodic Theory and Geometry of Nilpotent Groups (Alex Furman)
MSRI Fellow, University of California at Berkeley
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ling Cheng
Optimal Biomarker-Stratified Design and Adaptive Design in Mixture Distributions (Samad Hedayat)
Senior Research Statistician, Abbvie, Inc.
John Hardwick
Graphical Algorithms for Finding the Nucleolus of Binary-Valued Matching Games (TES Raghavan)
Lecturer, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jeremy Kun
Graphs, New Models, and Complexity (Lev Reyzin)
Bitcoin Protocol Engineer, 21 Inc.
Cara Mullen
The Critical Orbit Structure of Quadratic Polynomials in Zp (Laura DeMarco)
Visiting Professor, Indiana University Northwest
Keyu Nie
Studies on Some Inferential Aspects of Graybill-Deal Estimators (Samad Hedayat)
Data Scientist, eBay
Jennifer Pajda-Deleo
On the Law of Iterated Logarithms for Brownian Motion on Compact Manifolds (Cheng Ouyang)
Lecturer, University of Illinois at Chicago
Brian Powers
An Analysis of Multivariate Final-Offer Arbitration (TES Raghavan)
Postdoctoral Associate, Arizona State University, Phoenix
Timothy Ryan
The Effective Cone of Moduli Spaces of Sheaves on a Smooth Quadric Surface (Izzet Coskun)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Stony Brook University
Jonathan Schneider
Diagrammatic Theories of 1- and 2- Dimensional Knots (Louis Kauffman)
Lecturer, College of Dupage
Caroline Terry
Model Theory and Extremal Combinatorics: Structure, Enumeration, and 0-1 laws (David Marker and Dhruv Mubayi)
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Maryland, College Park
Jonathon Yaggie
Topics in Knowledge Representation: Belief Revision and Conditional Knowledge Bases (Gyorgy Turan)
Lecturer, University of Illinois at Chicago
Karen Zaya
Problems of Regularity in Models Arising from Fluid Dynamics (Alexey Cheskidov)
Postoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Xudong Zheng
The Hilbert Schemes of Points on Singular Varieties and Kodaira Non-Vanishing in Characteristic P (Lawrence Ein)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University
Joseph Zielinski
Compact Structures in Descriptive Classification Theory (Christian Rosendal)
Postoctoral Research Associate, Carnegie-Mellon University
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Deniz Bilman
On Longtime Asymptotics for the Toda Lattice and its Hamiltonian Perturbations (Irina Nenciu)
Postoctoral Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Gabriel Conant
Model Theory and Combinatorics of Homogenous Metric Spaces (David Marker)
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Notre Dame
Jessica Dyer
Dynamics of Equicontinuous Group Actions on Cantor Sets (Steven Hurder)
Lecturer, Tufts University
Zheng Fang
Operator Expansions Method for Linear Waves: Parallel Implementation and Multilayer Inversion (David Nicholls)
Software Engineer, Orbitz Worldwide
Landon Kavlie
An Investigation of the Forced Navier-Stokes Equations in Two and Three Dimensions (Alexey Cheskidov)
Software Developer, First Trust Portfolios
Marc Kjerland
Model Reduction and Fluctuation Response for Two-Timescale Systems (Rafail Abramov)
Postdoctoral Associate, Kyoto University:Atmosphere/Hydrosphere group of the Disaster Prevention Research Institute
Yan Sun
A Subgroup Identification Method with Interaction Filtering and Quantitative Criteria (Samad Hedayat)
Senior Research Statistician, AbbVie
Venu Tammali
High-Order Perturbation of Surfaces Approach to Fokas Integral Equations: Maxwell Equations (David Nicholls)
Business Development Associate, First Trust Portfolios
Xiangcheng Yu
Accelerating Polynomial Homotopy Continuation on Graphics Processing Units (Jan Verschelde)
Software Engineer, Microsoft
Ting Yuan
On the Structured Manifold Optimization: Reduced-Rank and Positive Definite Matrix Estimation (Sam Hedayat and Junhui Wang)
Hui Zheng
Virus Classification Based on Alignment-free Methods (Stephen Yau and Jie Yang)
Senior Research Associate, Discover
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Chih-Chi Chou
Singularities in Birational Geometry (Lawrence Ein)
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Washington, Seattle
Jeffrey Cooper
Independent Sets in Sparse Hypergraphs (Dhruv Mubayi)
Software Engineer, Google
Matthew Durham
The Coarse Geometry Of The Teichmuller Metric: A Quasiisometry Model And The Actions Of Finite Groups (Daniel Groves)
RTG Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan
Jonah Gaster
Thurston's skinning map and curves on surfaces (David Dumas)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston College
Cristina Haidau
A Study of Well Posedness for Systems of Coupled Non-linear Dispersive Wave Equations (Jerry Bona)
Claim Technology Services, Allstate Insurance
Hsin-Hsiung Huang
Information Extraction for Virus classification and Robust Dimension Reduction (Jie Yang and Stephen Yau)
Assistant Professor, Statistics Department, University of Central Florida
Cesar Lozano Huerta
Birational Geometry of Complete Quadrics (Izzet Coskun)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
Ella Revzin
Nonparametric Regression Models and Bootstrap Inference (Jing Wang)
Researcher, Coyote Logistics
Lei Song
Rational Singularities of Brill-Noether Loci and Log Canonical Thresholds on Hilbert Schemes of Points (Lawreence Ein)
Visiting Assistant Professor of Algebraic Geometry, University of Kansas
Randall Stading
Ramsey Type Problems on the Hypercube and the Hypergraphs (Druv Mubayi)
Software Developer, Epic
Jing Wang
Adaptive Optimal Two Treatment Crossover Designs with Binary Endpoint (Sam Hedayat and Min Yang)
Phil Wesolek
The Global Structure of Totally Disconnected Locally Compact Polish Groups (Christian Rosendal)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Universite Catholique de Louvain
Zhifan Zhang
Portfolio Choice with General Pricing Kernal (Jie Yang)
Quant Associate, Barclays Investment Bank, New York
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Matthew Bourque
A Policy Improvement Algorithm for Some Classes of Stochastic Games (T. E. S. Raghavan)
Lecturer, Loyola University of Chicago
Andrew Brasile
Esstential Spunnormal Surfaces via Tropical Geometry (Marc Culler)
Tenure-track assistant professor, Green River Community College, Auburn, WA
Emily Cilli-Turner
Proof Construction and Collaborative Revision in Undergraduate Mathematics (Mara Martinez)
Assistant Professor, Salve Regina University, Newport, RI
Dimitrios Diochnos
Analysis of algorithms in learning theory and network analysis of knowledge bases (György Turán)
Postdoc, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Bradley Groff
Splittings of Relatively Hyperbolic Groups (Daniel Groves)
Analyst, Booz Allen Hamilton, Washington, D.C.
Elizabeth Gross
Algebraic Complexity in Statistics using Combinatorial and Tensor Methods (Shmuel Friedland)
NSF Postdoc, Penn State University
Troy Hernandez
Vectorization Generalizations in Genomics and Transportation (Jie Yang)
Junior Visitor, Tsinghua University, China
Holly Krieger
Primitive Prime Divisors in Polynomial Dynamics (Ramin Takloo-Bighash and Laura DeMarco)
NSF Postdoc, MIT
Hao Liang
Equation Problem Over Central Extensions of Hyperbolic Groups (Daniel Groves)
Postdoc, Tufts University
Luigi Lombardi
Derived Equivalences of Irregular Varieties and Constraints on Hodge Numbers (Mihnea Popa)
Postdoc, University of Bonn, Germany
Stephen London
Constructing New Turyn Type Sequences, T-Sequences and Hadamard Matrices (Vera Pless)
Lecturer, UIC
Xue Luo
An Novel Algorithm to Solve the Nonlinear Filitering Problems in Real-time (Stephen S.-T- Yau)
Paul Reschke
Cohomological Insights for Complex Surface Automorphisms with Positive Entropy (Laura DeMarco)
Postdoc, University of Michigan
Christine Robinson
On Siegel Maass Wave Forms of Weight 0 (Ramin Takloo-Bighash)
Postdoc, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Davender Sahota
Borel Complexity of the Isomorphism Relation for O-minimal Theories (David E. Marker)
Senior Quantitative Analyst at Washington Gas, Washington, D.C.
William Siler
The Geometry of Carrier Graphs in Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds (Peter Shalen)
William Simmons
Completeness of Finite-Rank Differential Varieties (David E. Marker)
Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania
Andrew Sward
A Discontinuous-Galerkin Method for the CEV Process (David Nicholls)
Assistant Professor, Augustana College
Matthew Wechter
Differential Operators on Finite Purely Inseparable Extensions (Henri Gillet)
Visiting Assistant Professor at Oxford College, Emory University
Tu Xu
New Developments of Minimum Clinically Important Difference: Theory and Methodology (Samad Hedayat and Junhui Wang)
Biostatistics Manager, Amgen Inc.
Hexi Ye
Complex Dynamics: Schwarzian Derivatives and Measures of Maximal Entropy (Laura DeMarco)
University of Toronto
Jiewei Zeng
Optimal Designs for Multi-Exponential Models with Covariance Structure (Samad Hedayat)
Senior Research Statistician, Abbvie Inc., Chicago, IL
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Danko Adrovic
Solving Polynomial Systems With Tropical Methods (Jan Verschelde)
Katherine Bird
Dade's Conjecture in the Finite Special Unitary Groups (Bhama Srinivasan)
Instructor, Mathematics Department, Northeastern Illinois University - Chicago, IL
Kin Hang Chan
Three New Methods for Construction of Extremal Type II Z4-Codes (Vera Pless)
Kathleen Dexter
Some Results on the Representation Theory of the Symplectic Similitude Group of Order Four (Ramin Takloo-Bighash)
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, College of DuPage - Glen Ellyn, IL
Fred Drueck
Limit Models, Superlimit Models, and Two Cardinal Problems in Abstract Elementary Classes (John Baldwin)
Visiting Lecturer, University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
James Freitag
Model Theory and Differential Algebraic Geometry (David Marker)
NSF Post-doctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor, University of California - Berkeley, CA
Yang Jiao
Of Nonlinear Filtering Problem: Structure Theorem and a New Suboptimal Filter (Stephen Yau)
Quantitative Analyst, Rewards Network - Chicago, IL
Travis McBride
On Stability of Generalized Short-Crested Water Waves (David Nicholls)
Consultant, Swoon Technology Resources, LLC. - Chicago, IL
Sanja Pantic
A Study of Solitary-Wave Solution for the Extended Benjamin-Bona-Mahoney Equation (Jerry Bona)
Visiting Lecturer, University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
Despina Stasi
Combinatorial Problems in Graph Drawing and Knowledge Representation (Gyorgy Turan)
Research Associate, Pennsylvania State University - State College, PA
Rajmonda Sulo Caceres
Temporal Scale of Dynamic Networks (Tanya Berger-Wolf)
Research Staff, MIT Lincoln Laboratory - Boston, MA
Gail Tang, DA
Students' Errors in Setting Up Difference Quotients and Connections to Their Conceptions of Function (Janet Beissinger)
Assistant Professor, University of LaVerne - LaVerne, CA
Genady Yoffe
Using Parallelism to Compensate for Extended Precision in Path Tracking for Polynomial System Solving (Jan Verschelde)
Yue Yu
Assessment of Agreements in Linear and Generalized Linear Mixed Models (Samad Hedayat)
Quantitative Developer, TradeLink L.L.C. - Chicago, IL
Huaiqing Zuo
Complete Coordinate-free Characterization of Isolated Homogeneous Singularities and Derivations of Moduli (Stephen Yau)
Research Assistant Professor, University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
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Richard Abdelkerim
Geometry of the Dual Grassmannian (Izzet Coskun)
Tenure-Track Instructor, Pasadena City College - Pasadena, CA
Roberta Canning Gregory
Numerical Simulation of a Weakly Nonlinear Model for Internal Waves (David Nicholls)
Visiting Lecturer, University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
Mo Deng
Natural Vector Method of Characterizing, Clustering and Phylogeny of DNA, Genome and Proteins (Stephen Yau)
Rosemary Guzman
Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds with k-Free Fundamental Group (Peter Shalen)
NSF Alliance Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Iowa - Iowa City, Iowa
Luissette Hernandez-Medina
Benjamin-Bona-Mahony Equation on Finite Trees (Jerry Bona)
Assistant Professor, Daley College - Chicago, IL
Aaron Kaestner
On Applications of Parity in Virtual Knot Theory (Louis Kauffman)
Assistant Professor, North Park University - Chicago, IL
Dean Leonardi
Internal and Surface Waves in a Two-Layer Fluid (Jerry Bona)
Statistician, Clinical Data Analyst, Pfizer Oncology - LaJolla, CA
Yanmin Liu
Bayesian Look Ahead Sampling Methods to Allocate Up to M Observations Among k Populations (Klaus Miescke)
Natalie McGathey
Invariant Measures and Homeomorphisms of Boundaries (Alex Furman)
Assistant Professor, Purdue University, North Central - Westville, IN
Wenbo Niu
Bounding the Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularity of Algebraic Varieties (Lawrence Ein)
Golomb Visiting Assistant Professor, Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN
Tuan Dang Anh Pham
On Picard Varieties of Surfaces with Equivalent Derived Categories (Mihnea Popa)
Software Developer, Epic Systems - Verona, WI
Andrew Shulman
Elementary Divisors of Reductions of Generic Drinfeld Modules (Alina Cojocaru)
Visiting Lecturer, University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
Dennis Smoot
New Developments and Perspectives in General Relativity and Cosmology (A. Lewis Licht and Louis Kauffman)
Tutor, Physics and Mathematics, Center for Teaching and Learning, Aurora University - Aurora, IL
Jin Tan
The Comparison of One-stage and Two-stage Selection Rules in a Bayes Approach (Klaus Miescke)
Senior Statistician, Capital One - Richmond, VA
Miao Xu
Asymptotic Methods Applied to an American Option Under the CEV Process (Charles Knessl)
Software Support Engineer, Orc Software - Chicago, IL
Fei Ye
Topology of Moduli Spaces and Complements of Hyperplane Arrangements (Stephen Yau)
ENI Post-doctoral Fellow, Emmy Noether Research Institute, Bar-Ilan University - Ramat-Gan, Israel
Wei Zheng
Optimal and Efficient Crossover Designs for Test-Control Study When Subject Effects are Random (Samad Hedayat)
Assistant Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University - Indianapolis, IN
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Ben Antieau
The Spectral Index of Brauer Classes (Henri Gillet)
RTG Assistant Professor, University of California - Los Angeles, CA
Kelly Darke, DA
An Examination of the Questioning Interactions of Prospective Teachers during Mathematical Discussions (Alison Castro Superfine)
Visiting Lecturer, University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
Yun Guan
Numerical Homotopies for Algebraic Sets on a Parallel Computer (Jan Verschelde)
Visiting Lecturer, University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
Fannu Hu
Options Pricing - Application of Ray Methods and Singular Perturbations (Charles Knessl)
Quantitative Analyst, The Hartford - Hartford, CT
Qian Liang
Novel Metrics for Software Artifact Recovery and Genome Space Construction (Stephen Yau)
Software Engineer, LinkQuest, Inc. - San Diego, CA
Mechie Nkengla
Low Rank Approximations for Matrices and Tensors (Shmuel Friedland)
Post-doctoral Fellow, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Livermore, CA
Jumpei Nogami
On Derived Calabi-Yau Varieties (Brooke Shipley)
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Duisburg - Essen, Germany
Sarah Oppland, DA
The Inextricability of Identity, Participation, and Math Learning among Latino/a Undergraduate Students (Alison Castro Superfine)
Assistant Professor, Northeastern Illinois University - Chicago, IL
Marcy Robertson
Derived Morita Theory of Enriched Symmetric Multicategories (Brooke Shipley)
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Western Ontario - London, Ontario, Canada
Ahuva Shkop
On Pseudoexponential Fields and Schanuel's Conjecture (David Marker)
Research Postdoctoral Fellow, Ben-Gurion University - Beer-Sheva, Israel
David St. John
Technical Analysis Based on Moving Average Convergence and Divergence (Charles Knessl)
Yuqing Tang
A Comparison Model for Measuring Individual Agreement (Samad Hedayat)
Mathematical Statistician, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - Silver Spring, MD
Cuilan Zhang
Optimal Allocation in Response Driven Adaptive Design (Dibyen Majumdar)
Senior Associate, Discover Financial Services - Riverwoods, IL
Zhilong Zhang
Enumeration of General t-ary Trees and Universal Types (Charles Knessl)
Bo Zhao
Two Methods of Analyse DNA Sequences: Predicting Coding Regions and Clustering Homologous DNA (Stephen Yau)
Qiang Zhen
The Sojourn Time Distribution in Processor-Sharing Queues (Charles Knessl)
Assistant Professor, University of North Florida - Jacksonsville, FL
Ying Zhou
D-optimal Designs for Complex Nonlinear Models in Chemical Kinetics, PK/PD, and Environmental Science (Samad Hedayat)
Statistician, Children's Memorial Hospital - Chicago, IL
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Christopher Atkinson
Volume Estimates for Hyperbolic Coexeter Polyhedra (Ian Agol)
Assistant Professor (Research), Temple University - Philadelphia, PA
Roi Docampo Alvarez
Arcs on Determinantal Varieties (Lawrence Ein)
Wylie Assistant Professor, University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT
Rong Du
Moduli Space of Bounded Complete Reinhardt Domains and Complex Plateau Problem (Stephen Yau)
Visiting Research Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
Christopher Carlo Fazioli
On Analyticity of Variations of the Dirichlet-Neumann Operator, and Computational Concerns (David Nicholls)
Visiting Lecturer, University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
Maria Kakleas
Numerical Simulation of a Weakly Nonlinear Model for Water Waves with Viscosity (David Nicholls)
Visiting Lecturer, University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
Sean Lynch
Drift-Diffusion Past Circles and Ellipses (Charles Knessl)
Visiting Lecturer, University of Illinois - Chicago, IL
Petar Manolov
Brauer Trees in Finite Special Linear Groups (Bhama Srinivasan)
Research Fellow, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Science - Sofia, Bulgaria
Nicole Pitcher
Efficient Point-Counting on Genus-2 Hyperelliptic Curves (Daniel Bernstein)
Department of Defense
Eunju Sohn
Storage Allocation under Processor Sharing and Infinite Server Models (Charles Knessl)
VIGRE Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Mathematics, University of Georgia - Athens, GA
Jing Tao
Linearly Bounded Conjugator Property for Mapping Class Groups (Howard Masur)
VIGRE Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT
Weitian Zang
Complete Topological Classification of Complete Intersection Weakly Elliptic Singularities (Stephen Yau)
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Rosario de los Angeles Ortiz Rodriguez
A Statistical Look at Day Trading (Stanley Sclove)
Statistics Professor, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez - Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Richard Jordan
Asymptotic Methods Applied to Finance: Equity and Volatility Derivatives (Charles Tier)
Head of Quantitative Analytics, The Clearing Corporation - Chicago, IL
Chaoxiao Lu
Pricing Stock Options in Mergers and Acquisitions with Jump-diffusion Model (Stephen Yau)
Katherine Piret
Computing Critical Points of Polynomial Systems Using PHCpack and Python (Jan Verschelde)
Financial Engineer, Liberty Trading Group - Chicago, IL
Liqing Wang
The Constructibility Theorem for Differential Modules (Henri Gillet)
Instructor, Fudan University - Shanghai, PR China
Shi Zhao
Crossover Designs Under Subject Dropout (Dibyen Majumdar)
Member Research and Technology Staff II, Xerox Innovation Group - Webster, New York
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Christopher Cashen
Quasi-Isometries Among Tubular Groups (Kevin Whyte)
Post-doctoral Fellow, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) - Berkeley, CA
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT
Kungho Chan
Local Positivity and Seshadri Constants (Lawrence Ein)
Post-doctoral Fellow, Korea Institute for Advanced Studies - Seoul, Korea
Yuping Dong
Surveillance Studies on Change Point in Incidence Rate (Samad Hedayat)
Senior Research Biostatistician, Bristol-Myers Squibb - Pennington, NJ
Hassan Fathallah-Shaykh
Modeling and Local Filtering of Noise Embedded in Genome-Scale Microarray Datasets (Jerry Bona)
Associate Professor, Rush University Medical School - Chicago, IL
Phil Grizzard
On Lefschetz Characters of 2-local Geometries for Some Sporadic Groups (Stephen Smith)
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ
Peng He
The Risk Neutral Dynamics of Market Implied Volatility and Its Application (Stephen Yau)
Senior Quantitative Analyst, Spooz, Inc - Chicago, IL
Elliot Krop
Enumerating Matchings in Regular Graphs (Shmuel Friedland)
Instructor, Loyola University - Chicago, IL
Shawn Rafalski
Immersed Turnovers in Hyperbolic 3-Orbifolds (Ian Agol)
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Fairfield University - Fairfield, CT
Mark Taber
Analyticity of the Dirichlet-Neumann Operator and Its Application to Detecting Ocean Bathymetry (David Nicholls)
Actuary, Allstate Insurance - Northbrook, IL
Kathryn Vozoris
The Complex Field with a Predicate for the Integers (David Marker)
Modnet Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Camerino - Camerino, Italy
Li Wei
Stochastic Curtailment Method Under Linear Models (Samad Hedayat)
Senior Research Biostatistician, Bristol-Myers Squibb - Hopewell, NJ
Ilker Yuce
Decompositions of 2-Generator Free Kleinian Groups and Hyperbolic Displacements (Peter Shalen)
Visiting Assistant Professor, State Universities of New York (SUNY) - Oswego, NY
Weiya Zhang
Designs for a Toxicity-Efficacy Model and Inference on a Normal Mean with Known Coefficient of Variation (Samad Hedayat)
Senior Statistician, Sanofi-Aventis - Malvern, PA
Ailing Zhao
Newton's Method with Deflation for Isolated Singularities of Polynomial Systems (Jan Verschelde)
Technical Support Engineer, Wolfram Research (Mathematica) - Champaign, IL
Ling Zhou
Association Rule Mining and Quantitative Association Rule Mining Among Infrequent Items (Stephen Yau)
Research Analyst, Cook County Hospital - Chicago, IL
Yan Zhuang
Parallel Implementation of Polyhedral Homotopy Methods (Jan Verschelde)
Technical Support Engineer, Wolfram Research Inc. (Mathematica) - Champaign, IL
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Erol Akbas
A Presentation for the Automorphisms of the 3-sphere that Preserve a Genus Two Heegaard Splitting (Marc Culler)
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas - Fayetteville, AR
Hossein Andikfar
Decomposition Numbers and Cartan Invariants of Finite Groups of Lie Type in the Defining Characteristic (Bhama Srinivasan)
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Toledo - Toledo, OH
Ozlem Beyerslan
Random Structures over Pseudofinite Fields (David Marker)
Modnet Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Paris VII, Jussieu Campus - Paris, France
Jaime Brugueras
On Payoff Allocations for Assignment Games and on Algorithms for Stochastic Games (T.E.S. Raghavan)
Chief Executive Officer, Numbers Insight, Inc. - Chicago, IL
Dongmin Cai
Information-based Projection Method for Categorical Clustering and Outlier Detection (Stephen Yau)
Analyst of Modeling, TXU Energy - Dallas, TX
Siddhartha Chakrabarty
Optimal Control of Drug Delivery to Brain Tumors Using a Distributed Parameters Deterministic Model (Floyd Hanson)
Post-doctoral Fellow, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research - Bangalore, India
Andrew Coppola
The Theory of Q-Abstract Elementary Classes (John Baldwin)
Senior Editor, Mazer Creative Services - Boston, MA
Xin Fang
D Optimal Designs for Pharmacokinetic and Combinded Pharmacokinetic Pharmacodynamic Models (Samad Hedayat)
Statistician II, Abbott Laboratories - Abbott Park, IL
Talia Fernos
Relative Property (T), Linear Groups, and Applications (Alex Furman)
National Science Foundation Post-doctoral Fellow and Hedrick Assistant Adjunct Professor, University of California - Los Angeles, CA
Chetan Gupta
Algorithms to Identify Clusters and Outliers Based on Dyadic Decomposition with Applications to Streams (Robert Grossman)
Post-doctoral Fellow in Complex Systems Modeling, Exxon Mobil Research & Engineering - Clinton, NJ
Anna Lenzhen
Teichmuller Geodesics That Do Not Have a Limit in PMF (Howard Masur)
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI
Congrong Lou
Assessment of Agreement (Samad Hedayat)
Senior Manager, Marketing Information Research & Development, AC Nielsen - Schaumburg, IL
Rishi Nath
Partial Results on Navarro's Conjecture and the Issacs Navarro Conjecture for the Alternating Groups (Paul Fong)
Assistant Professor, City Universities of New York (CUNY), York College - Jamaica, NY
Jeffrey Olson
Finiteness Conditions on Varieties of Residuated Structures (Joel Berman)
Visiting Assistant Professor, Norwich University - Northfield, VT
Predrag Savic
Counting Closed Orbits in Rectangles with Slits (Howard Masur)
Daniel Tancredi
Design Insights for Epidemiological Studies of Prevalent and Incident Dementia (Samad Hedayat)
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, School of Medicine & Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care, University of California - Davis, CA
Limin Wang
JailX: Protecting Users From X Applications (Daniel Bernstein)
Software Design Engineer in Test, Microsoft - Redmon, WA
Wenting Wu
Unified Approach for Assessing Agreement (Samad Hedayat)
Research Associate, Mayo Clinic - Rochester, MN
Guoqing Yan
Option Pricing for a Stochastic-Volatility Jump-Diffusion Model (Floyd Hanson)
Financial Engineer, Fannie Mae - Washington, D.C.
Zhiwu Yan
Crossover Designs for a Self and Simple Mixed Carryover Effects Model with Correlated Errors (Samad Hedayat)
Research Statistician, Abbott Laboratories - Abbott Park, IL
Jinchun Ye
Optimal Life Insurance Purchase, Consumption and Portfolio Under an Uncertain Life (Floyd Hanson, Stanley Pliska)
Financial Engineer, Base-2 Capital, LLC - Evanston, IL
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Barry Booton
Norm Inequalities for Certain Classes of Functions and their Fourier Transforms (Yoram Sagher)
Instructor, Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton, FL
Yunfan Deng
Design of Crossover Trials with Binary Outcomes (Samad Hedayat)
Mathematical Statistician, U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Washington, D.C.
Junfeng Ding
Efficient Association Rule Mining Among Infrequent Items (Stephen Yau)
Sarah Jahn
A Blowing Up Algorithm for Calculating Rings of Integers (Jeremy Teitelbaum)
Assistant Professor, Concordia University - St. Paul, MN
Myrna LaRosa, DA
Spanish Calculators and Galileo (Calixto Calderon)
Instructor, Triton College - River Grove, IL
Gang Li
Locally D-optimal Designs for Nonlinear Models with Minimal Number of Support Points (Dibyen Majumdar)
Senior Statistician, Glaxo Smith Klein - Philadelphia, PA
Libin Liu
Data Mining of Biological Sequences (Stephen Yau)
Amir Niknejad
Application of Singular Value Decomposition to DNA Micro Array (Shmuel Friedland)
Post-doctoral Fellow, East Tennessee State University - Johnson City, TN
Natalya Popova
The Onset of Convection in a Horizontal Layer of a Porous Medium in the Presence of Vibration (Susan Friedlander)
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Missouri - Columbia, MO
Eric Rosen
Contributions to the Model Theory of Differential Fields (David Marker)
Van Vleck Visiting Researcher, Wesleyan University - Middletown, CT
Joseph Shive
Conjugation Problems for Hirsch Foliations (Steve Hurder)
Jiuhong Tang
Exotic Option Stochastic Volatility Model and Incentive Scheme (Stephen Yau)
Assistant Professor, Southern Nazarene University - Bethany, OK
Yusong Wang
Computing Dynamic Output Feedback Laws with Pieri Homotopies on a Parallel Computer (Jan Verschelde)
Post-doctoral Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory - Argonne, IL
Xu Yan
Optimal Designs in Stability Studies (Samad Hedayat)
U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Washington, D.C.
Yang-Soon Yim
On Quasi-Homogenous Space: Maximal Operators and Ap (Yoram Sagher)
Changchuan Yin
A Novel Exon Finding Algorithm Based on the 3-Base Periodicity Analysis of Genome Information (Stephen Yau)
Senior Analyst, SBC Communications, Inc. - Hoffman Estates, IL
Dongchul Yoo
Optimal Tracking Conditions for Linear Extended State Observer on Uncertain System (Stephen Yau)
Zongwu Zhu
Option Pricing and Jump Diffusion Models (Floyd Hanson)
Quantitative Analyst, Nationwide - Columbus, OH
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Li Chang
Statistical Analysis of High Frequency Intraday Security Prices (Dibyen Majumdar)
Financial Engineer, Citadel Investment Corporation - Chicago, IL
Jian Chen
Growth Rates with Paths, Non-commuting Loops and Thurston's Compactness Theorem (Marc Culler)
Lecturer, University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago, IL
Vladimir Egorin
Characteristic Varieties of Algebraic Curves (Anatoly Libgober)
Nghiem Nguyen
Higher Order Stability Theory of Solitary Waves (Jerry Bona)
Vigre Post-doctoral Fellow, Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN
Zhihong Ping
Measures of Importance with Applications to Inspection Policies (Emad El-Neweihi)
Statistical Consultant, MedFocus, Inc - Chicago, IL
Dale Radin
Unidimensional Zariski-type Structures and Applications to the Model Theory of Compact Complex Spaces (David Marker)
Post-doctoral Fellow, National Science and Engineering Research Council, McMaster University - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Ken Takata
Listing Algorithms for Combinatorial Objects and Related Combinatorial Problems (Gyorgy Turan)
Assistant Professor, Adelphi University - Long Island, NY
Fatih Unlu
On Explicit Representations of the Grothendieck Fundamental Class (Henri Gillet)
Instructor, Horizon Math and Science Academy - Toledo, OH
Haishen Yao
Asymptotic Analysis of the Infinite Server Shortest Queue Problems (Charles Knessl)
Assistant Professor, City Universities of New York (CUNY) - Queensborough, NY
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Nero Budur
Multiplier Ideals and Hodge Theory (Lawrence Ein)
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD
Diego Dominici
Asympotic Analysis of a Data-Handling System and Its Generalization (Charles Knessl)
Assistant Professor, State Universities of New York (SUNY) - New Paltz, NY
Heather Dye
Detection and Characterization of Virtual Knot Diagrams (Louis Kauffman)
Assistant Professor, US Military Academy - West Point, NY
Wojciech Florek
Foliations: A Probabilistic, Potential Theory Approach (Steve Hurder)
Lecturer, University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago, IL
Yevgeniy Goncharov
Mathematical Theory of Mortgage and Modeling (Susan Friedlander)
Assistant Professor, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI
Benjamin Klaff
Boundary Slopes of Knots in Closed 3 Manifolds with Cyclic Fundamental Groups (Peter Shalen)
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Quebec - Montreal, Canada
Vigre Fellow, University of Texas - Austin, TX
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Tommaso deFernex
Birational Transformations of Varieties (Lawrence Ein)
Hildebrandt Assistant Professor, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI
John Enyang
Bases of Certain Algebras Associated with Quantum Groups (Bhama Srinivasan)
Post-doctoral Fellow, Tokyo Science University - Tokyo, Japan
Reva Kasman
Trees, Norms on H^1, and the Bieri-Neumann-Strebel Invariant (Marc Culler)
Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University - Grand Rapids, MI
Jon-Lark Kim
Construction of New Self-dual Codes and Quantum Codes and their Connections (Vera Pless)
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NE
Nikolai Krylov
Mapping Class Groups of (k-1)-Connected Almost-Parallelizable 2k-Manifolds (Anatoly Libgober)
University of Bremen - Germany
Zhe Li
Path Dependent Options: The Case of High Water Mark Provision for Hedge Funds (Stephen Yau)
Vice President, Bank of America - New York, NY
Paul Musial
The L Henstock-Kurzeil Integral (Yoram Sagher)
City Colleges of Chicago - Chicago, IL
Lei Nie
Laplace Approximation in Nonlinear Mixed-effect Models (Dibyen Majumdar)
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland - Baltimore County, MD
Natasa Pavlovic
Use of Littlewood-Paley Operators for the Equations of Fluid Motion (Susan Friedlander)
Instructor, Princeton University - Princeton, NJ
Fernando Souza
On the 3 Manifold Invariants Derived from Hopf Objects (Lou Kauffman)
University of Iowa - Iowa City, IA
Andrei Turinsky
Balancing Cost and Accuracy in Distributed Data Mining (Robert Grossman)
University of Calgary, Sun Center of Excellence for Visual Genomics - Calgary, Canada
Shaobo Wang
Diffeomorphic Types of Complements of Arrangements in Complex Projective Spaces (Stephen Yau)
Software Engineer/Analyst for Strata Marketing - Chicago, IL
Xuejun Wang
On Gly Conjecture of Upper Estimate of Positive Integral Points in Real Tetrahedra (Stephen Yau)
Morning Star - Chicago, IL
Min Yang
Universal Optimality in Crossover Design and Statistical Methods in Assessing Agreement (Samad Hedayat)
Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NE
Haiyuan Zhu
Optimal Augmented Designs and Fractional Factorial Designs (Samad Hedayat)
Merck & Co - Rahway, NJ
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David Hrencecin
On Filamentations and Virtual Knot Invariants (Louis Kauffman)
DRW Holdings, LLC (Trading Group) - Chicago, IL
Leslie Schwartzman
FGP Fine Grained Persistence for User Structured Data, a Tool and Its Software Design (Floyd Hanson)
Assistant Professor, Roosevelt University - Chicago, IL
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Yitwah Cheung
Optimal Hausdorff Dimension for the Set of Non-ergodic Directions (Howard Masur)
Assistant Professor, Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
Yong Hou
Geometrically Infinite Negatively Curved Three Manifolds (Peter Shalen)
University of Iowa - Iowa City, IA
Marco Mazzucco
Zero One Laws in Model Theory (John Baldwin)
Post-doctoral Fellow, Laboratory for Advanced Computing - Chicago, IL
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Swansea - Wales
Amy Shell, DA
In Service to Mathematics: The Life and Works of Mina Rees (William Howard)
Assistant Professor, U. S. Military Academy - West Point, NY
Xi Wu
Topics in the Nonlinear Filtering Theory (Stephen Yau)
Associate Director, Bank One - Chicago, IL
Jinglin Zhong
Optimal and Efficient Non-linear Designs and Solutions with Interpretation to Individual Bioequivalence (Samad Hedayat)
Merck & Co - Lansdale, PA
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Ward Canfield, DA
College Quantitative Literacy Approaches and a New Way of Analyzing Functions and Data (Steve Jordan)
Instructor, National Louis University - Chicago, IL
Jose Cogolludo
Topological Invariants of the Complement to Arrangements of Rational Plane Curves (Anatoly Libgober)
Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Madrid, Spain
Joseph Fields
On Extremal Self Dual Codes (Vera Pless)
Southern Connecticut State University - New Haven, CT
Pedro Freitas
On the Acton of The Symplectic Group on the Siegel Upper Half Plane (Shmuel Friedland)
University of Lisbon - Portugal
Viktor Gyuris
Variations of Algebraizability (Willem Blok)
IBM - Poughkeepsie, NY
Shawn Hedman
Finitary Axiomatizations of Categorical Theories (John Baldwin)
University of Maryland - Baltimore, MD
Junda Hu
Deformation to the Normal Bundle in Arithmetic Geometry (Henri Gillet)
University of Texas - Austin, TX
Daniel Kern
An Optimal Control Policy for Groundwater Remediation Using Systematic Perturbations (Floyd Hanson)
Southern Methodist University - Dallas, TX
Ke-Pao Lin
Counting Number of Integral Points in Tetrahedra and Its Applications (Stephen Yau)
Chang-Gung Institute of Technology - Taiwan
Terrance Mankus
New Optimum Algorithms for Unweighted and Weighted Interval, Circular Arc, and Circle Graphs (Glenn Manacher)
Latin American Recruitment and Educational Service (LARES), University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago, IL
WaiYan Pong
Ordinal Dimensions & Differential Completeness (David Marker)
University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, IL
Gaspar Porta
On the Convergence of the Product of the Exponential of Two Compact Operators (Shmuel Friedland)
Sam Houston State University - Huntsville, TX
Weining Robieson
On Weighted Kappa and Concordance Correlations Coefficients (Samad Hedayat)
Abbott Laboratories - Abbott Park, IL
Zamir Syed
Algorithms for Stochastic Games (T.E.S. Raghavan)
Goldman Sachs & Co - New York, NY
Kristen Wottreng, DA
Computer Methods in Descriptive and Differential Geometry Monge's Legacy (Steve Hurder)
Instructor, Moraine Valley Community College - Palos Hills, IL
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Brendan Burke
Degrees of Expansions and Models of Arithmetic (David Marker)
Loyola University - Chicago, IL
Alice Gorguis
Some Parabolic Partial Differential Equations & Convergence of Successive Approximations (Calixto Calderon)
Truman College - Chicago, IL
Seunghun Lee
Pluricanonical and Adjoint Linear Series on Projective Threefolds (Lawrence Ein)
Korea Institute of Advanced Study - Seoul, Korea
Zhigang Liang
The Numerical Solution to Kolmogorov Equation (Stephen Yau)
Morning Star - Chicago
Bryan Mosher
Displacement Estimates for Hyperbolic Manifolds (Peter Shalen)
University of California - Berkeley, CA
Hao Wang
Conditional Second Order Generalized Estimating for Nonlinear Mixed Effects Model (Dibyen Majumdar)
SCIREX - Schaumburg, IL
John Westman
Computational Linear and Nonlinear Stochastic Optimal Control with Applications (Floyd Hanson)
University of California - Los Angeles, CA
Julin Wu
Structural Characterizations of Graphs Chordality and Balance (Uri Peled)
AT & T - Atlanta, GA
Misun Yu
Sample Size Re-estimation on Clinical Trials (Klaus Miescke)
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JanJo Chen
Concurrent Processing in Distributed Systems: Algorithms, Databases, and Networking (Floyd Hanson)
Chicago State University - Chicago, IL
Hairong Crigler
Confidence Intervals for Finite Population Quantile Intervals in Two-Stage Cluster Sampling (Samad Hedayat)
Yumei Dang
Hypercomplex Iterations-Distance Estimation (Lou Kauffman, Floyd Hanson)
Lucent Technologies
Bruce Fabijonas
Secondary Instabilities of Linear Flows with Elliptic Streamlines (Alexander Lipton)
Post-doctoral Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technologies - Gaithersburg, MD
Guoqing Hu
Finite-Dimensional Filters with Non-Linear Drift (Stephen Yau)
United Chambers - Naperville, IL
Juhui Jiao
Hypothesis Testing in Competing Risks Theory (Samad Hedayat)
Pfizer Pharmaceutical - New York,NY
David Krebes
An Obstruction to Embedding 4 Tangles in Link (Peter Shalen)
University of British Columbia - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Silvia LaFalce
On the Equivalence Operations in Algebras of Logic (Willem Blok)
University of Wisconsin - Parkside, WI
Henry Park
Optimality of Selection Procedures (Klaus Miescke)
Loyola University - Chicago, IL
Diann Porter, DA
William Fogg-Osgood at Harvard Agent of a Transformation of Mathematics in the United States (William Howard)
University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ
Mohammad Siadat, DA
Building Study and Work Skills in a College Mathematics Classroom (Yoram Sagher)
Daley College - Chicago, IL
Tedoro Sorgo
Volumes of Hyperbolic Haken Manifolds (Peter Shalen)
City Universities of New York (CUNY), Bronx Community College - Bronx, NY
Irene Tsapara
On Learnability of Atomic Formulas (Gyorgy Turan)
Investment Technologies International
Niandi Xiang
Norm Estimates of Banach Space Valued Random Series and their Applications in Harmonic Analysis (Yoram Sagher)
Bell Labs
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Matthew Bardoe
Universal Embeddings for the Involution Geometries of U4(3), Suz and C01 (Stephen Smith)
Imperial College - London
Hon-Wing Cheng
On-Line Computation for the Yau Filtering System (Stephen Yau)
DePaul University - Chicago, IL
Venketranman Ganesan
On the Characteristics of Unipotent and Parabolic Subgroups of Finite General Linear Groups (Bhama Srinivasan)
AT & T
Arek Goetz
Dynamics of Piecewise Isometries (Steve Hurder)
Boston University - Boston, MA
Mijung Kim
Multivariate Survival Analysis with General Extreme Value Model (Dong Kee Kim)
University of Southern Maine - Portland, ME
Eloy Martinelli
Exponential Instabilities of Axisymmetric Vortex Rings with Swirl (Alexander Lipton)
Boston Consulting Group - Boston, MA
Kimberly Meyer, DA
Applied Precalculus - An Innovative Approach to the Learning and Teaching of Precalculus Mathematics (David Tartakoff)
Chicago State University - Chicago, IL
Zhongqiang Qian
Cyclic Codes over Z4 (Vera Pless)
Cellular One - Schaumburg, IL
Julianne Rainbolt
On the Gelfand-Graev and Generalized Gelfand-Graev Representations of U(3,Q) (Bhama Srinivasan)
Michigan State University - East Lansing, MI
Guoqin Su
On the Existence and Construction of Difference Schemes and Orthogonal Arrays (Samad Hedayat)
Statprobe, Inc. - Ann Arbor, MI
Chungyu Tang
Nonparametric Regression Analysis for Repeated Measured Data Using Wavelets (Dong Kee Kim)
Kristin Umland
The Mod-2 Cohomology of the Lyons Group (Stephen Smith)
University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM
Farrok Vatan
On the Analog Compution of Boolean Functions (Gyorgy Turan)
University of California - Los Angeles, CA
Qinglong Zhang
A Unified Framework for Iconic Indexing of Spatial Relationships in Image Databases (Stephen Yau)
Lucent Technologies
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Douglas Burke
Computions Over Function Fields Modular Symbol (Jeremy Teitelbaum)
Malcolm X College - Chicago, IL
Marek Kaminski
Sums of Dependent Random Variables (Nasrollah Etemadi)
John Mathias
Diagrammatic Approach to Calculating Knot Ivariants of Finite Type (Louis Kauffman)
Bethel College
Laura Monroe
Greedy Codes over Binary and Non-Binary Fields (Vera Pless)
National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) - Pittsburgh, PA
Amid Rasoulian
Some Theorems on the Structure of Finite Dimensional Estimation Algebras (Stephen Yau)
University of Tehran - Tehran, Iran
Xiaoqian Tan
The Time Dependent Behavior of Infinite and Finite Capacity Queues Described by the Unfinished Work (Charles Knessl)
Lucent Technologies
Bo Yan
Modeling and Identifying Optimum Designs for Fitting Dose-Response Curves and Estimating EDP based on Raw Optical Density Data (Samad Hedayat)
Searle - Skokie, IL
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Raghib Abusaris
Filtering of a Weiner-Poison Driven Stochastic Process (Floyd Hanson)
Birzeit University - West Bank, Palestine
Netiva Caftori, DA
Evaluation of Computer Software in Relation to Gender Differentiation and Educational Effectiveness (Avrum Weinzweig)
Northeastern Illinois University - Chicago, IL
Jie Chen
Classification of Estimation Algebras (Stephen Yau)
Argonne National Laboratories - Argonne, IL
Fe Evangelista
Equilibrium in Bimatrix Games and in Repeated Games with Additive Reward and Transition (T.E.S. Raghavan)
University of Wisconsin - Warsaw, WI
Saar Hersonsky
Universal Constraints in Discrete Groups (Peter Shalen)
Cornell University - Ithaca, NY
Andrew Isaacs, DA
Whole Number Concepts and Operations in Grades 1 & 2: Curriculum and Rationale (Philip Wagreich)
University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago, IL
Lixing Jia
Modified Sequential Unconstrained Minimization Technique Methods for Contrained Optimization (Stephen Yau)
Chicago State University - Chicago, IL
Gerhardt Pohl
Contributions to the Theory of D-Optimal Designs (Dibyen Majumdar)
Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation - Ridgefield, CT
Xiao Qin
Applications of Persistent Object Managers to Scientific Computing (Robert Grossman)
Motorola Labs - Schaumburg, IL
Yu-Ru Syau
On the Trajectory Structure of Quadratic Differentials on a Torus (Howard Masur)
National University of Taiwan - Taipei, Taiwan
Howard Wachtel, DA
A Critique of Existing Practices for Evaluating Mathematics Instruction (Avrum Weinzweig)
City Universities of New York (CUNY), York College - Jamaica, NY
Qi Yang
A Parallel Scheme Using the Divide and Conquer Method (John Baldwin)
Hughes Aircraft - Los Angeles, CA
Weiguang Zhang
Virtually Balanced Incomplete Block Designs (Samad Hedayat)
Systems Software Associates - Chicago, IL
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Srinivasa Arikati
New Results in Algorithmic Graph Theory (Uri Peled)
Max Plank Institute - Germany
Fudong Chen
On Compactness of Hankel and Toeplitz Operators in D x C (Charles Lin)
Chicago State University - Chicago, IL
Hegang Chen
Contributions to Experimental Designs (Samad Hedayat)
Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland, OH
Hua Feng
On Reduced Join and Barratt-Hilton Formula, on Delooping of Some Spaces, a Note on Closed Categories (Brayton Gray)
Tan Jiang
Topology and Combinatorial Structures of Arrangements of Hyperplanes (Stephen Yau)
Chicago State University - Chicago, IL
George Kapoulas
Computability and Complexity Over the P-adic Numbers (David Marker)
University of Krete - Greece
Chi-Wah Leung
Classification of Finite-Dimensional Maximal Rank Estimation Algebras with State Space Dimension 3 (Stephen Yau)
National Central University - Chung-li, Taiwan
Andrew Mathas
On Some Generic Representations of Generic Hecke Algebras (Stephen Smith)
University of Notre Dame - South Bend, IN
Jean Mehta, DA
Cooperative Learning in Computer Programming at the College Level (David Radford)
St Xavier University - Chicago, IL
Jesse Nemoyer
Duadic Design Codes (Vera Pless)
Sharon Robbert
On Classical Functions of Real Analysis (Calixto Calderon)
Trinity College - Palos Heights, IL
Tamas Solymosi
On Computing the Nucleoulus of Non-Cooperative Games (T.E.S. Raghavan)
Jozsef Attilla University - Szeged, Hungary
Zai-Qing Xi
Optimum Replacement for Selecting the Best Components: A Dynamic Approach (Klaus Miescke)
Indiana University at New Albany - New Albany, IN
Shisheng Xie
A Ray Method for Analyzing the Transient Structure of Models in Applied Mathematics (Charles Knessl)
Bin Yang
Stability of Abstract Dynamical Systems (Charles Lin)
Panasonic Electric Corporation - Chicago, IL
Yongzhi Yang
Asymptotic Properties of Sojourn Times in the Queue GI11M11-K with Processor-sharing Services (Charles Knessl)
St. Thomas College
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Marwan Al-Rub Abu
Non-linear Partial Differential Equations Applied to Diffusion Problems Arising in Mathematical Biology (Calixto Calderon)
Chicago State University - Chicago, IL
Evans Afenya
Modelling Abnormal Granulocylopolesis and its Chemotherapy (Calixto Calderon)
Elmhurst College - Elmhurst, IL
Florence Appel, DA
A Presentation of the Polling Model (Charles Tier)
St. Xavier University - Chicago, IL
Feng-Shun Chai
On the Construction and Optimality of Linear Trend-Free and Nearly Trend-Free Designs (Dibyen Majumdar)
Institute of Statistics, Academia Sinica - Taiwan
Maria Isabel Ferreirim
On Varieties and Quasivarieties of Hoops and the Reducts (Willem Blok)
Faculdade DeCiencias Ernesto De Vasconcelos - Portugal
Alan James Iliff, DA
Charles S. Pierce's Contribution to Mathematical Logic and Philosophy (William Howard)
North Park College - Chicago, IL
Dennis Jarvis
Performance and Application of Multiprocessor Systems (Floyd Hanson)
Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University - Providence, RI
Sharon Krejca, DA
Medieval Origins of Calculus (Calixto Calderon)
Chicago State University - Chicago, IL
Boris Kunin
A Probabilistic Model for Predicting Scatter in Brittle Fracture (Neil Berger)
University of Alabama - Huntsville, AL
Yaxin Li
Asymptotic Analysis of Queuing Systems with Service Interruptions (Charles Tier)
Senior Program Analyst, Chicago Mercantile Exchange - Chicago, IL
Jing-Dong Mei
Asymptotic Approach to the Performance Analysis of Closed Queuing (Charles Tier)
Abbott Laboratories - Abbott Park, IL
Margit Messmer
Groups and Fields Interpretable in Separably Closed Fields (David Marker)
Wesleyan University
Kumarss Naimipour
Numerical Convergence for the Bellman Equation of Stochastic Optimal Control with Quadratic Costs and Constraints (Floyd Hanson)
Northeastern Illinois University - Chicago, IL
Ruby Tan
On Hilbert Transformations, Cardinal Interpolation and Bernstein's Inequality (Yoram Sagher)
Johnson State College - Johnson, VT
Han-Ping Tsai
Existence of Certain Extremal Self Dual Codes (Jeffrey Leon)
Soochow University - Suzhou, Taiwan
Huihuang Xu
Data Parallel Methods in Large Scale Scientific Computations (Floyd Hanson)
US Robotics - Schaumburg, IL
Eva Zabric
Hall Polynomials for Symplectic Groups (Bhama Srinivasan)
Loyola University - Chicago, IL
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Jianbei An
Two Weights for Finite General Linear Groups and Two-Blocks of Finite Classical Groups (Paul Fong)
University of Auckland - New Zealand
William Bultman
Topics in the Theory of Machine Learning and Neural Computing (Wolfgang Maass)
University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley, WI
Wen-Lin Chiou
Some Results on Nonlinear Filtering Theory (Stephen Yau)
Fu Jen University - Hsinchuang, Taiwan
Siu-Leung Chung
Supercomputer Optimization of Stochastic Dynamic Programing (Floyd Hanson)
University of Toledo - Toledo, OH
Astrida Cirulis, DA
Three Prospective Elementary Teachers' Beliefs and the Impact of Their Mathematics Courses (Avrum Weinzweig)
University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago, IL
Ajay Gupta
On the Complexity of Computation and Learning in Neural Networks (Wolfgang Maass)
LCC - Rosslyn, VA
Kitty Lynn Holland
Geometries Associated with Strongly Minimal Theories (John Baldwin)
Northern Illinois University - Dekalb, IL
Chih-Ru Hsiao
The Sharply Value for Multi-Choice Cooperative Games (T.E.S. Raghavan)
Soochow University - Suzhou, Taiwan
Elizabeth Ludtke Kochneff
On Widder's Theory of the Heat Equation (Yoram Sagher)
Eastern Washington University - Cheney, WA
Michael Paluch
Algebraic and Topological K-Theory (Henri Gillet)
Istituto Superior Tecnico - Lisbon, Portugal
Niangdong Shi
Construction of Stable and Omega Stable Pseudoplanes (John Baldwin)
East Stroudsburg University - East Stroudsburg, PA
Robert Walter Sompolski
The Second Case of Fermat's Last Theorem for Fixed Irregular Prime Exponents (AOL Atkin)
Oakton Community College - Des Plaines, IL
Feng Sun
Linear Separation of Stable Sets In Graphs (Uri Peled)
Futrex Corporation - Chicago, IL
Xiaoming Tan
Asymptotic Properties of Some Processor-Shared Queues (Charles Knessl)
University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine - Chicago, IL
Laszlo Zadori
Posets, Zigzags, and Monotone Clones (Joel Berman)
Jozsef Attilla University - Szeged, Hungary
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Wei Cao
Stability of Fredholm Properties and Interpolation of Operators (Yoram Sagher)
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, MN
Xiang-Dong Hou
Covering Radius of Error-correcting Codes (Vera Pless)
Wright State University - Dayton, OH
Margo Lynn Mankus
Asymptotic Analysis of a Voice Data Communications Model (Charles Tier)
Weber State University - Ogden, UT
Gaston Ngantcheu Mbateng
Optimal Selection Procedures for Linear Regression Model (Klaus Miescke)
Bradley University - Peoria, IL
Mohan Ramachandran
Type II Index Theorems for Manifolds with Boundary (Steve Hurder)
Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN
Mohammed Vali Siadat
Norm Inequalities for Integral Operators on Cones (Yoram Sagher)
Daley College - Chicago, IL
Yi-Jing Xu
Topological Classification of Weakly Elliptic Complete Intersection Singularities (Stephen Yau)
Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN
Wen-Xun Zhao
Optimal Repeated Measurements Designs (Samad Hedayat)
Schering Labs
Kecheng Zhou
Norm Inequalities for Lacunary Series (Yoram Sagher)
California State University - Sacramento, CA
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Steve Cohen
A Geometric Presentation of Some Fundamental Modules of Chevalley Groups (Stephen Smith)
Loyola University - Chicago, IL
Masanori Itai
On the Strong Martin Conjecture (John Baldwin)
St. Lawrence University - Canton, NY
Vanessa Job
On Polyadic Codes (Vera Pless)
Marymount University - Arlington, VA
Tor Kwembe
Nonlinear Diffusion Problems of Mathematical Biology (Calixto Calderon)
Chicago State University - Chicago, IL
FanChing Meng
Contributions to Multistate Reliability Theory (Emad El-Neweihi)
Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica - Taipei, Taiwan
Kewei Pu
Contributions to Fractional Factorial Designs (Samad Hedayat)
Baxter Healthcare Corporation - Deerfield, IL
Steven Seif
Varieties and Quasi-Varieties of Rings (Willem Blok)
University of Louisville - Louisville, KY
Murali Srinivasan
Optimization Problems on Posets and Graphs (Uri Peled)
Department of Computer Science, Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge, LA
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Mansour Abhughalous
Ranking and Selection for Non-Symmetric Models (Klaus Miescke)
Marquette University - Milwaukee, WI
Kothandaraman Ganesan
Serre-Tate Theory of Ordinary K3 Surfaces (Henri Gillet)
Tennessee State University - Nashville, TN
Peter Malcolm Johnson
Gamma Spaces and Loops of Nilpotence Class Two (Stephen Smith)
Wayne State University - Detroit, MI
Walter Kirchherr
Reversal Bounded Turing Machines (Wolfgang Maass)
San Jose State University - San Jose, CA
Dieudonne Phanord
Multiple Scattering of Elastic Waves by a Distribution of Identical Spheres (Neil Berger)
University of Alabama - Huntsville, AL
Craig Seeley
Nilpotent Lie Algebras of Dimension 7 over Complex Numbers (Stephen Yau)
University of Iowa - Iowa City, IA
Yung Yu
Invariant Polynomials of Finite Subgroups of SL (3,C) (Stephen Yau)
National Chengkung University - Taipei, Taiwan
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Kingkaeo Chanasar, DA
Numerical Methods of Approximating Solutions of Differential Equations (Louis Pennisi)
North Carolina State University - Raleigh, NC
Martin Dietzfelbinger
Lower Bounds on Computation Time for Various Models in Computational Complexity Theory (Wolfgang Maass)
University of Dortmund - West Germany
Stefanos Gialamas
Determining Vanishing Massey Triple Products (Anatoly Libgober)
University of Wisconsin
Meiliu Lu
Self-Stablization of Fault-Tolerant Synchronization (Joel Berman)
California State University - Sacramento, CA
Richard Solakiewicz
Scattering by an Obstacle in a Half-Space Bounded by a Penetrable Interface (Victor Twersky)
Randall Weiss
Detecting Ribbon Knots (Louis Kauffman)
Illinois Wesleyan University - Bloomington, IL
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Lieh-San Lin
Performance Modeling of Database Systems (Neil Rickert)
Western Illinois University - Macomb, IL
John Stufken
On Optimal and Highly Efficient Block Designs for Comparing Test Treatments with a Control (Samad Hedayat)
University of Georgia - Athens, GA
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Joseph Chan
Second Derivatives of Secondary Characteristic Classes (James Heitsch)
DePaul University - Chicago, IL
Marouf Samhan
First Order Definability in Universal Algebra (John Baldwin)
King Saud University - Riyad, Saudi Arabia
John Vaughn
Forking and Modularity in Stable Theories (John Baldwin)
Hobart and William Smith Colleges - Geneva, NY
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Gisela Ahlbrandt
Totally Categorical Structures of Modular Type (John Baldwin)
Eastern Michigan University - Ypsilanti, MI
Steven Baer
Bifurcation Analysis of Neuron Models (Charles Tier)
National Institute of Health - Bethesda, MD
James Meehan, DA
The Instructional Use of Computer Simulation of Random Variables (William Howard)
Illinois Benedictine College - Lisle, IL
Steven Karl Winker
Quandles Knot Invariants and The N-fold Branched Cover (Louis Kauffman)
Argonne Laboratories - Argonne, IL
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Frances Van Dyke
Generators and Relations for Finitely Generated Graded Rings (Philip Wagreich)
Wright State University - Dayton, OH
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Thomas Grace
Graceful, Harmonious and Sequential Graphs (Vera Pless)
Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago, IL
David Hull
Toward a Theory of Bisexual Galton -Watson Branching Processes (Stanley Sclove)
Valparaiso University - Valparaiso, IN
Huey-Luen Hwang
On (K,t) Trades and the Construction of BIB Designs with Repeated Blocks (Samad Hedayat)
Northern Illinois University - Dekalb, IL
Jean-Leah Mohrherr
Index Sets and Truth Table Degrees in Recursion Theory (Louise Hay)
Northern Illinois University - Dekalb, IL
Dennis Ryan
Stochastic Optimal Control Applied to Harvesting of a Renewal Resource in a Disastrous Environment (Floyd Hanson)
Wright State University - Dayton, OH
James S. Walker, DA
Operator Theory in Hilbert Space (Louis Pennisi)
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, WI
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Ravindra Bapat
On Permanents and Diagonal Projects of Double Stochastic Matrices (T.E.S. Raghavan)
Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre - New Delhi
Hamparsum Bozdogan
Multi-Sample Cluster Analysis and Approaches to Validity Studies in Clustering Individuals (Stanley Sclove)
University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago, IL
YoungHan Choe
Linear Evolution Equations of Hyperbolic Type in a Locally Convex Space (Melvin Heard)
Hanyang University - Seoul, South Korea
Anna-Lise Jenson
Grothendieck Rings and Integral Representation Rings of Hopf Algebra Orders (Richard Larson)
Northeastern Illinois University - Chicago, IL
BingYing Lin
On Probability Proportional to Size Sampling Designs: Their Construction, Algebraic Properties, and Applications (Samad Hedayat)
National Cheng-Chi University - Taiwan
Abdul-Majid Wazwaz
Uniform Approximations for a Singular Perturbation Problem with Interior Turning Point and Singular Point at the Boundary in the Diffusion Process (Floyd Hanson)
College of Science - Jerusalem, Israel
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Deborah Bergstrand
New Uniqueness Proofs for the (5,8,24) ,(5,6,12) and related Steiner Systems (Vera Pless)
Trinity College - Hartford, CT
Jerzy Filar
Algorithms for Solving Some Undiscounted Stochastic Games (T.E.S. Raghavan)
Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD
Walter M. Foody
Properties, Constructions and Application of BIB Designs with Repeated Blocks (Samad Hedayat)
Champion International Corporation - Stanford, CT
Larry Lambe
Degrees of Mappings of Manifolds (John Wood)
Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
Frederick A. Thulin III
Undecidability of Some Natural Differential Fields (John Baldwin)
Northern Illinois University - Dekalb, IL
Thomas Weibull
Steenrod Operations in Spectral Cohomology Theories (Brayton Gray)
University of Goteborg - Goteborg, Sweden
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John Athanasopoulos
Stability of the Coincidence Kset for the Signorini Problem (James Moeller)
University of Kentucky - Lexington, KY
Gregory Constantine
On E-Optimal Block Designs and Schur Optimality (Samad Hedayat)
Indiana University - Bloomington, IN
Arunas J. Dagys
A Systematic Development of Jacobian Elliptic Functions (Louis Pennisi)
St. Xavier College - Chicago, IL
Richard Lucas
Eigenvalue Bounds and Stability of Conservative Fluids and Plasma Flow (Eugene Barston)
Loyola University - Chicago, IL
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Arlene Ash
Constructions of Generalized Youden Designs (Samad Hedayat)
Boston University - Boston, MA
Richard Jenson
A Double Circulant Presentation of Quadratic Residue Codes (Vera Pless)
Boston College - Boston, MA
Wojciech Komornicki
Multiplications in Two-cell Complexes and Related Spectra (Brayton Gray)
Department Head, Hamline University - St Paul, MN
William Schooley, DA
The Mechanical Problem of Abel with Generalizations (Louis Pennisi)
Harper College - Palatine, IL
Sen-Yen Shaw
On Limit Theorems of Semigroups of Operators in Banach Spaces and Related Topics (Charles Lin)
Director of Mathematical Institute, National Central University - Taiwan
Damber-Singh Tomer, DA
Infinitely Divisible Probability Laws (Stanley Sclove)
University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff, AR
Wayne Zage, DA
Hyperbolic Geometry and Luneburg's Theory of Binocular Visual Space (David Foulser)
Ball State University - Muncie, IN
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John Bradburn, DA
Algebraic Solution of the Fredholm Integral Equation with Degenerate Kernel (Louis Pennisi)
Elgin Community College - Elgin, IL
Duncan Buell
Elliptic Curves and Class Groups of Quadratic Fields Defined by Integrals (AOL Atkin)
Director of Algorithms Section, Supercomputer Research Section - IDA
George Douros
Relativistic Electromagnetic Scattering by Accelerating Obstacles (Victor Twersky)
University of Salonika - Greece
Jimmie L. Johnson
The Uniform Continuity of Certain Translation Semigroups (James Moeller)
Roosevelt University - Chicago, IL
Nancy Johnson
Classification of Generalized Index Sets of Boolean Combinations of Recursively Enumberable Sets (Louise Hay)
Chicago State University - Chicago, IL
John Riegesecker
Categories of Modules over Pseudocompact Rings (Richard Larson)
University of Puget Sound - Tacoma, WA
Rina Y. Ling Wong
Uniformly Valid Solutions to Volterra Integral Equations (G.V. Ramanathan)
California State University - Los Angeles, CA
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Oscar Barriga
Intersection Property of Cyclic Subgroups of a Finite Group and Some Considerations on Zassenhaus Groups (Noburo Ito)
University of Chile - Santiago, Chile
Alan J. Burger
Contribution to the Theory of Topological Representations of Bounded Distributive Lattices (Philip Dwinger)
Bell Laboratories - Naperville, IL
George Dassios
Convergent Low Frequency Distributions for Penetrable Scatterers (Victor Twersky)
University of Patras - Greece
William Duffie
An Historical Development of Asymptotic Evaluation of Functions Defined by Integrals (Louis Pennisi)
Chicago Board of Education - Chicago, IL
Lawrence Gerhart
On the Spectral Theory of the Translation Semigroup and Its Commutant (James Moeller)
TRW Defense and Space Systems - Dayton, OH
Anthony Hughes
A Characterization of 3D4(q3), q=2n (Paul Fong)
Villanova University - Villanova, PA
Rhonda Hughes
Semi-groups of Unbounded Linear Operators in Banach Space (Shmuel Kantorovitz)
Bryn Mawr College - Bryn Mawr, PA
Shyam Johari
Partitioning A Distribution in One or Two Dimensions (Stanley Sclove)
Burroughs Corporation - Detroit, MI
LiFan Ma
Extensions of Some Chevalley Groups (Paul Fong)
Lake Forest College - Lake Forest, IL
Patrick McBride
A Classification of Groups of Type An(q) for n>3 and q= 2k>4 (Paul Fong)
Hughes Aircraft Corporation
Cheryl Peterson
Tight Designs (Noburo Ito)
Northern Michigan University - Marquette, MI
Martin Stern
On Stochastic Games with Limiting Average Payoffs (I. Parthasarathy)
Systems Analyst Research Corporation - Texas
Marvin Troutt
S-Game Algorithms (T.E.S. Raghavan)
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, IL
Eugene Vasilescu
Extensive Games and Almost Complete Information (T.E.S. Raghavan)
Hofstra University - Hampstead, NY
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Eng Bin Lim
Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of the Functional Differential Equation x(t)+Bx(lt), l >0 (Melvin Heard)
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Hubert Chin
Some Contributions to the Structure of Equilibrium Points in N-person NonCooperative Games (T.E.S. Raghavan)
Grumman Corporation - New York, NY
Bertrand I-Peng Lin
On Homological Properties of Coalgebras (Richard Larson)
National Taiwan University - Taipei, Taiwan
Geoffrey Mason
Finite Groups whose Cyclic Subgroups have a Cyclic Frattini Group (Paul Fong)
University of California - Santa Cruz, CA
Alayne Parson
Generalized Klosterman Sums and the Fourier Coefficients of Cusp Forms (Marvin Knopp)
Ohio State University - Columbus, OH
KaiJaung Pei
Abstract Volterra Operators (Shmuel Kantorovitz)
Actuary, Allstate Insurance - Skokie, IL
Craig Smorynski
Investigations of Intuitionistic Formal Systems by Means of Kripke (Robert Soare)
San Jose State University - San Jose, CA
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Peter Ash
On Singular Integrals with Complex Homogeneity (Neil Rickert)
Wheaton College - Norton, MA
David. C. Feinstein
Categorical Notions of Distributive Lattices (Philip Dwinger)
Actuary, Railroad Retirement System of Chicago - Chicago, IL
David Rocke
Groups with Abelian Centralizers (Norman Blackburn)
University of California, Davis
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Ib Axelsen
Contributions to the Theory of Inductive Definitions and Ordinal Notations (W.W. Tait)
Denmark High School - Denmark, WI
Mark Pankin
On Finite Projective Planes of Lenz-Barlotti Type 1-4 (Reuben Sandler)
Marshall University - Huntington, WV
William Patton
The Minimum Index for Subgroups in Some Classical Groups: A Generalization of a Theorem of Galois (Noburo Ito)
Systems and Computer Consultant - Boston, MA
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