Master of Science in Teaching Elementary School Mathematics

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The purpose of the Master of Science in Teaching Mathematics (MST) option for elementary school teachers is to prepare mathematics specialists for work in elementary schools and school districts. It is designed for teachers who wish to improve their mathematical background as well as their understanding of the learning and teaching of mathematics in grades K-8. Courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of elementary and middle school teachers.

Students in this master's program are typically full-time elementary and middle school teachers. Courses are offered in the late afternoon and early evening. Some courses are also offered during the summer. Students complete a final practicum designed to improve the mathematics education in their home school.

Degree candidates must earn a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate credit. Those seeking a middle school endorsement earn 22 hours in core courses and at least 14 hours in elective courses. Those already holding a middle school endorsement earn 16 hours in core courses and 20 hours in elective courses.

Required course work:

Teaching Algebra for Understanding MTHT 465 4 hours
Concepts and Methods in Elem and Middle School Mathematics II MTHT 550 4 hours
Teaching Geometry: An Activity Approach MTHT 565 4 hours
Practicum: Teaching of Elementary School Mathematics MTHT 589 4 hours
Curriculum and Instruction in the Middle School CI 484 3 hours
Characteristics of Early Adolescence EPSY 446 3 hours

Elective course work:

Concepts and Methods in Elem and Middle School Mathematics I MTHT 450 4 hours
Geometric Measurement and the Numerical Methods MTHT 460 4 hours
Teaching Mathematics with Science: An Activity Approach MTHT 470 4 hours
Microcomputers in Elementary School Mathematics MTHT 480 4 hours
Introduction to Analytic Geometry and Calculus MTHT 560 4 hours
Principles of Probability and Statistics in the Elementary School MTHT 575 4 hours

Topics courses, which may be used as electives, on various subject are frequently offered as MTHT 491 or MTHT 591.

Consult your adviser for the latest information regarding certification and degree programs. Certification is subject to the most recent legislation and regulations (i.e., there is no 'grandfathering').

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