Algebraic Geometry Seminar - Spring 2017

Usually meets Wednesday at 4:00 pm in SEO 427.
January 11
January 18
January 23
Chenyang Xu
Stability on valuations of a singularity
January 25
February 1
February 8
Chris Skalit
Fossum's Conjecture and The Gersten Complex
February 15
Eric Riedl
Normal bundles of rational curves in projective space
February 22
Christian Urech
University of Basel / University of Rennes 1
Homomorphisms between Cremona groups
March 1
Javier Carvajal-Rojas
University of Utah
Fundamental groups of $F$-regular schemes and singularities
March 1
(5:00 pm; SEO 427)
Howard Nuer
Northeastern University
Relative Bridgeland stability conditions with applications to cubic fourfolds and generalized DT invariants
March 8
Rebecca Tramel
Bridgeland stability conditions and birational geometry of surfaces
March 15
March 17
(3:00 pm; SEO 427)
S. Takayama
University of Tokyo
Moderate degenerations of Calabi-Yau manifolds over higher dimensional bases
March 22
No seminar
Spring Break
March 29
Samuel Grushevsky
Degenerations of Riemann surfaces together with a meromorphic differential
April 5
Roya Beheshti
Washington University in St. Louis
Geometry of spaces of rational curves on Fano hypersurfaces
April 12
April 13
(2:00 pm; SEO 427)
Rahul Pandharipande
ETH Zurich
Tautological classes on the moduli space of K3 surfaces
April 19
Kenta Sato
University of Tokyo
General hyperplane sections of 3-folds in positive characteristic
April 24
Jean-Pierre DEMAILLY
Institut Fourier, Grenoble, FRANCE
Extension theorems for sections and cohomology classes under weak semipositivity conditions
April 26
(11:00 am; SEO 427)
Jean-Pierre DEMAILLY
Institut Fourier, Grenoble, FRANCE
Jet differentials and algebraic hyperbolicity properties
April 26
Tommaso de Fernex
University of Utah
Differentials on the arc space
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