Geometry, Topology and Dynamics Seminar - Fall 2018

Usually meets Monday at 3:00 pm in SEO 636.
August 27
September 3
No seminar
Labor Day
September 10
(3:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Wouter Van Limbeek
Rigidity of warped cones and coarse geometry of expanders
September 17
(3:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Nick McCleerey
Envelopes with Prescribed Singularities
September 24
(3:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Gregory Edwards
Notre Dame
Metric Contraction of the Cone Divisor by the Conical Kahler-Ricci Flow
October 1
October 8
(3:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Disheng Xu
University of Chicago
Pathology foliations and centralizer of diffeomorphisms
October 15
(3:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Olga Lukina
Galois groups and Cantor actions
October 22
(3:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Margaret Nichols
University of Chicago
Taut sutured handlebodies as twisted homology products
October 29
(3:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Daniel Woodhouse
The Technion
Revisiting Leighton's graph covering theorem
November 5
(3:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Kasia Jankiewicz
University of Chicago
Cubical dimension of C’(1/6) groups.
November 12
(3:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Constantine Medynets
U.S. Naval Academy
On Invariant Random Subgroups of Block-Diagonal Limits of Symmetric Groups
November 19
(3:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Yanir Rubinstein
University of Maryland
Positivity in the asymptotic regime
November 26
December 3
(2:00 pm; 612 SEO)
Wai Yeung Lam
Brown University
Holomorphic quadratic differentials on graphs
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