Analysis and Applied Mathematics Seminar - Fall 2018

Usually meets Monday at 4:00 pm in SEO 636.
August 27
September 3
No seminar
Labor Day
September 10
September 17
September 24
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Bongsuk Kwon
Ulsan National Institute for Science and Technology
Small Debye length limit for the Euler-Poisson system
October 1
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Jingwei Hu
Purdue University
Asymptotic-preserving and postivitiy-preserving numerical methods for a class of stiff kinetic equations
October 8
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Juan Restrepo
Oregon State University
How Warm is it Getting?" and Other Tales in Uncertainty Quantification
October 15
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Qin Li
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Boundary Layers in Kinetic-fluid Coupling
October 22
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Fred Weissler
Universite de Paris Nord
Sign-changing solutions of the nonlinear heat equation with positive initial value
October 29
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
John Albert
University of Oklahoma
On the variational properties of KdV multisolitons
November 5
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Dana Mendelson
University of Chicago
Random data Cauchy theory for some nonlinear dispersive equations
November 12
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Yue Yu
Lehigh University
Multiscale/Multiphysics Coupling Framework for Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Damage
November 19
November 26
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Ian Tice
Carnegie Mellon University
The stability of contact lines in fluids
December 3
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Christopher Rycroft
Harvard University
Interfacial dynamics of dissolving objects in fluid flow
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