Middle School Mathematics Endorsement

To receive a state endorsement in mathematics on an Elementary Teaching License, students must earn 18 semester hours in mathematics. Three semester hours must be in methods of teaching mathematics in grades 6-8 (MTHT 450 or MTHT 550). The remaining 15 hours must be selected from four of the following areas:

  • Math content courses for elementary teachers
  • Calculus
  • Modern algebra or number theory
  • Geometry
  • Computer science
  • Probability and statistics
  • History of mathematics

The student must also complete:

  • 3 semester hours of coursework in middle school philosophy, curriculum and instructional methods for designing and teaching developmentally appropriate programs in the middle grades, including content area reading instruction (CI 484), and
  • 3 semester hours of coursework in educational psychology focusing on the developmental characteristics of early adolescents and the role of the middle grade teacher in assessment, coordination, and referral of students to health and social services.

Here is a possible list of courses which meet these requirements:

  1. Methods: MTHT 450 or MTHT 550

    15 hours selected from four of the following areas:

    • Math content courses for elementary teachers: any MTHT course
    • Calculus: MTHT 466 or MTHT 560
    • Modern algebra or number theory: MTHT 467 or MTHT 465
    • Geometry: MTHT 460 or MTHT 468 or MTHT 565
    • Computer science: MTHT 480
    • Probability and statistics: MTHT 575
    • History of mathematics: "Topics" course.

    Curriculum and Psychology:

    • CI 484 (Curriculum and Instruction in the Middle School)
    • EPSY 446 (Characteristics of Early Adolescence)

Arrangements may be made, on an individual basis, to substitute other courses (e.g., engineering calculus) for those listed above; consult an OME advisor.

The University can only entitle students for the endorsement if they complete the Bachelor of Arts degree. (Others who satisfy the requirements may apply for the endorsement directly to the state.)

NOTE: Consult your OME advisor to be sure you have the latest information regarding licensure or endorsement. Licenses and endorsements are always subject to the most recent legislation and regulations (i.e., there is no 'grandfathering').

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