BA in Elementary Education

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This degree is granted by the College of Education, but is supported by course work offered by the Office of Mathematics Education. Courses are taught by experienced faculty members in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science who have links to area elementary schools.

Prospective elementary education students begin in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. They must complete 60 credit hours of required course work, including MATH 140 and MATH 141, before applying for entry in the College of Education. Once accepted, Elementary Education students spend their final two years in the College of Education. Detailed information about admission requirements can be found on the College of Education website.

After admission into the Elementary Education Program, students who had excellent performance in MATH 140-141 may be invited to join the Concentrators Program administered by the Office of Mathematics Education. Students in the this program will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree with mathematics as their area of concentration . The enhanced training provided by this program prepares candidates for obtaining an Illinois Middle Grades Mathematics endorsement.

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