Employment at the MSLC

The MLC is seeking students RIGHT NOW to lead peer-study groups. These are PAID positions. Get your application in right away to be considered for employment in the summer or fall.

Application Process (available in PDF)

You must submit this application only once. After you have been accepted into the peer tutoring program, your continued participation will be based on regular reviews on your performance. Applications may be submitted by email or on paper, though email is preferred. A complete application must include careful responses to the questions below and a letter of recommendation from a UIC professor in a quantitative field - for example, Math, one of the Sciences, or Engineering. An email application should have headers:

To: mlc@math.uic.edu

Subject: Peer Tutoring Application

The reference should be sent to the same address with the subject line

Subject: Peer Tutoring Reference for (your name).

A paper application must include some way to contact you (phone or email) and should be sent to:

Mathematics Learning Center Peer Tutoring Application
Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science (M/C 249)
SEO 322
851 S. Morgan Street
Chicago, IL 60607

The body of the application must include the following information:

  1. A resume including a complete list of the mathematics courses you have taken since high school and the grades you received in them;
  2. A list of the courses you would feel comfortable helping students with;
  3. A paragraph or two describing what you expect to contribute to your fellow students' success in mathematics through peer tutoring. Feel free to describe any special background you have that relates to helping other people learn.
  4. A paragraph describing an interesting mathematical concept or application of mathematics that you have learned recently. For example, what was your favorite part of the last mathematics course you took?
  5. A list of times you will be available. We understand that you may not know your full schedule when completing this application, but give as much information as you can. The MLC operates 8am to 6pm Monday-Friday.

Contact Fred Thulin (312-413-7872) or Mary Hemby (312-996-3041) or mlc@math.uic.edu with questions.