Peer Tutoring Program

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Job Description: the Mathematical Sciences Learning Center Peer Tutoring Program offers UIC undergraduates the opportunity to help their fellow students do better in their courses in Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematical Computer Science. The duties of a peer tutor are:

  • To participate in training sessions. These will take place before each semester starts and then roughly every other week during the semester.
  • To meet regularly (minimum 2 hours per week) with small groups of students in the Learning Center to work collaboratively on homework problems, discuss finer points of the course material, and study for exams.
  • To contribute to the intellectual culture of the Learning Center by supporting the efforts of fellow students, by working hard at a personal grasp of mathematical ideas, and by communicating an enthusiasm for the Mathematical Sciences.

Qualifications: The minimum requirement for employment as a peer tutor in the Mathematical Sciences Learning Center is the completion of a mathematics course at UIC at the level of Math 121 or Math 141 with a final grade of A or B. More generally, to work as a peer tutor with students in a given course, the peer tutor must have completed that course with a grade of A or B. Peer tutors are sought for courses at all levels of the curriculum, from 070/075/090 through the 300 level. Students need not be math majors, nor need they be enrolled in LAS programs, provided they meet the other requirements. Students who feel confident in their mathematical ability are encouraged to apply, even if they are at an early age of their UIC education. Experience shows that working as a tutor is an excellent way to strengthen one's own knowledge of mathematics.

Pay: Peer tutors are paid for their work in the center and for their time in the training sessions. The precise rate of pay for Fall 2008 has not yet been set but will be in the range of 8 dollars per hour.

Questions: Contact Fred Thulin at 312-413-7872 or Mary Hemby in Math at 312-996-3041, or send email to if you have questions about this program or this application.