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Alison Castro Superfine

Professor & Director of Mathematics Education
Office: SEO 327
Phone: 312-413-8029
Home Page:
Office Hours: By appointment only

Teaching Schedule:

MTHT 465 T 5:00PM-8:00PM

Research Interests:

Dr. Alison Castro Superfine is a Professor both in mathematics education and learning sciences. Her current research interests focus on two main areas of education research. The first area of research involves the enactment of K-8 mathematics curricula in the classroom, particularly focusing on the interactions between teachers and mathematics curricula. Her second area of research involves preservice mathematics teacher education. In addition to teaching mathematics content courses for elementary preservice teachers, she also uses such courses as sites for inquiry into learning in formal contexts. The following questions inform her research in this domain: What is entailed in the work of math teaching? What is the knowledge needed for teaching elementary mathematics? How and in what ways do elementary preservice teachers learn the mathematics needed for teaching? How can elementary mathematics content courses be designed to support preservice teachers' learning of this content? Such ongoing questions inform not only her research in this domain, but also the content and design of the content courses she teaches.
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