Computer Science Theory Seminar - Fall 2019

Usually meets Wednesday at 4:00 pm in SEO 1325.
August 28
(4:15 pm; 1325 SEO)
Youming Qiao
University of Technology Sydney
Matrix spaces as a linear algebraic analogue of graphs
September 4
(4:15 pm; 1325 SEO)
Arturs Backurs
TTI Chicago
Efficient Density Evaluation for Smooth Kernels
September 11
(4:15 pm; 1325 SEO)
Anastasios Sidiropoulos
Algorithms for metric learning via contrastive embeddings
September 18
September 25
(4:15 pm; 1325 SEO)
Akash Kumar
Finding minors in sublinear time in bounded-degree graphs with (almost) optimal one-sided query complexity
October 2
October 9
(4:15 pm; 612 SEO)
Vishesh Jain
Quantitative invertibility of random matrices: a combinatorial perspective
October 16
(4:15 pm; 1325 SEO)
Bhaskar DasGupta
Why did the shape of your network change? (On detecting network anomalies via non-local curvatures)
October 22
(4:00 pm; 1325 SEO)
Karthik Chandrasekaran
University of Illinois
Improving the smoothed complexity of FLIP for max cut problems
October 23
October 30
(4:15 pm; 1325 SEO)
Gyorgy Turan
Interpretability in machine learning
November 5
(4:00 pm; 1325 SEO)
Simina Brânzei
Proportional dynamics in exchange and production economies
November 6
November 13
(4:15 pm; 1325 SEO)
Xue Chen
Sparse Fourier transform in the continuous setting
November 20
(4:15 pm; 1325 SEO)
Alex Wein
Courant Institute
Understanding statistical-vs-computational tradeoffs via the low-degree likelihood ratio
November 27
December 4
(4:15 pm; 1325 SEO)
Yury Makarychev
TTI Chicago
Dimensionality reduction for k-means and k-medians clustering
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