Geometry, Topology and Dynamics Seminar - Spring 2017

Usually meets Monday at 3:00 pm in SEO 636.
January 9
Sara Maloni
University of Virginia
Polyhedra inscribed in quadrics and their geometry.
January 16
No seminar
Martin Luther King Day
January 23
Gabriele La Nave
A new continuity method and the geometry of Kahler manfolds
January 30
Tom Nevins
Kirwan surjectivity for quiver varieties
February 6
Caglar Uyanik
Geometry and dynamics of free group automorphisms
February 13
February 20
Nicole Looper
Northwestern University
Arboreal Galois Representations and Odoni's Conjecture
February 27
Carolyn Abbott
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Universal acylindrical actions
March 6
Malik Obeidin
Hyperbolic Volumes of Random Links
March 13
Caleb Ashley
University of Michigan
Discreteness Algorithm Advisoes
March 20
No seminar
Spring Break
March 27
Sam Nariman
Northwestern University
Friedlander-Milnor's problem for diffeomorphism groups
April 3
Nick Salter
University of Chicago
Mapping class groups and monodromy of some families of algebraic curves
April 10
Nathan Clement
Parabolic Higgs bundles and the Fourier-Mukai transform
April 17
Emily Cliff
Universal O-modules and representations of the automorphism group of a formal disk
April 24
Autumn Kent
University of Wisconsin
On word hyperbolic surface bundles
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