Logic Seminar - Spring 2017

Usually meets Tuesday at 3:00 pm in SEO 427.
January 10
January 17
(4:00 pm; SEO 427)
Chris Shaw
Columbia College
Definable Skolem functions for weakly o-minimal structures
January 24
(4:00 pm; SEO 427)
Santiago Camacho
Truncation in the Differential Field of Transseries
January 31
(4:00 pm; SEO 427)
Maxwell Levine
Stationary Sets Added When Forcing Square Sequences
February 7
(4:00 pm; SEO 427)
John Baldwin
Henkin and Godel: the restricted predicate calculus is not quite first order logic and other variants on the completeness theorem
February 14
(4:00 pm; SEO 427)
James Freitag
An introduction to better quasi-orders for algebraic applications
February 21
(4:00 pm; SEO 427)
Monroe Eskew
Local saturation of the nonstatoinary ideals
February 28
(4:00 pm; SEO 427)
Allen Gehret
A Tale of Two Liouville Closures
March 7
(4:00 pm; SEO 427)
James Cummings
Carnegie Mellon University
Iteration with non-stationary support
March 14
(4:00 pm; SEO 427)
Filippo Calderoni
Università di Torino
The relation of embeddability between torsion-free abelian uncountable groups
March 21
No seminar
Spring Break
March 28
(4:00 pm; SEO 427)
Gabriel Conant
Notre Dame
Stability and sparsity in sets of natural numbers
April 4
(4:00 pm; SEO 636)
Nadja Hempel
Mekler constructions in NIP and n-dependent theories
April 11
(4:00 pm; SEO 427)
Anton Bernshteyn
Lovász Local Lemma and measurable combinatorics
April 18
April 25
(4:00 pm; SEO 427)
Dave Marker
Exponential Pregeometries and the Logical Complexity of Schanuel's Conjecture
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