Departmental Colloquium

Brendan Hassett
Rice University
Projective embeddings of holomorphic symplectic manifolds
Abstract: Holomorphic symplectic manifolds are higher-dimensional analogues of K3 surfaces. In the 1990's Huybrechts established when these are projective varieties, but a precise description of possible embeddings emerged only in the last couple years. We will survey recent developments including new theorems drawing on results on stability conditions for derived categories. (This is joint work with Bayer and Tschinkel.)
This talk is the opening event of the Midwest Algebraic Geometry Graduate Conference 2014. Note the room change -- Lecture Center C, Room 006, instead of the usual SEO 636. Tea will be served in SEO 300 following the talk.
Friday February 21, 2014 at 3:00 PM in LC C6
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