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Bachelor of Science in Statistics

With today's technology, it is easy to collect and store a tremendous amount of data. To make sense out of all this information requires data processing and analysis skills, along with a general "data literacy". For students to be prepared for work in a data-rich field, it is essential that they be properly trained in statistics. The Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics with two possible tracks, or concentrations. The Statistical Theory and Methods concentration provides a classical training in statistics, ideally suited for students planning to attend graduate school in statistics or other data-focused disciplines. The Applied Statistics concentration is more interdisciplinary, allowing students to select an application area of focus, such as biology and economics, to complement their basic statistical training. This concentration is well-suited for students planning for a career in government or industry.

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Statistics Requirements

Course Hours Prerequisites and Advice
MATH 180, 181, 210
Calculus I, II, III
13 C or higher in each to continue
MATH 300
Writing in Mathematics
C or higher in MATH 210
Open only to declared majors
STAT 381
Applied Statistical Methods I
3 C or higher in MATH 210
STAT 382
Statistical Methods and Computing
3 C or higher in STAT 381
STAT 401
Introduction to Probability
3 C or higher in MATH 210
STAT 411
Statistical Theory
3 C or higher in STAT 401
STAT 481
Applied Statistical Methods II
3 C or higher in STAT 381
In addition, students must
choose one of the following
Concentration I: Statistical
Theory and Methods (12) 5382
Concentration II:Applied Statistics
(12) 5381
MATH 215 - Introduction to
Advanced Mathematics (3)
MATH 310 - Applied Linear
Algebra (3)
MATH 313 - Analysis I (3)
One 400 level STAT course (3)

Four courses in an area or topic of
student interest, chosen in consultation
with an advisor. The courses may be in
any area outside of the MSCS department
that can utilize statistical methods.
At least two courses must be at
the 200 level or above.

Actuarial Science in MSCS

There is no specific MSCS actuarial program but with the proper choice of courses you will be in a position to enter the field.

MSCS Major: MCS or Mathematics.

MSCS Actuarial Course: STAT 475 Mathematics and Statistics for Actuarial Sciences I.

MSCS STAT electives: STAT 381, then STAT 401, 481, and choose from STAT 411 or 461.

A Minor in Economics (20 credit hours) is strongly recommended.

(*)Approved for SOA and CAS Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) credit

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