Important Information for all UIC Freshman and Transfer Students

Initial Mathematics Course Placement
New and transfer students are placed into an initial mathematics course based on ALEKS placement results or AP scores. See the ALEKS placement page for information about ALEKS. Transfer students can also be placed into MSCS courses on the basis of transfer credit. It is crucial for success at UIC that students be placed into courses for which they have appropriate preparation.
CCC Agreement
Chicago City College transfer students with insufficient placement test scores can still be admitted to a course if ...
AP Exams
UIC awards college credit for certain MATH and MCS courses to students who have sufficiently high scores on Advanced Placement exams. Of course, these students are not required to take the Math Placement Exam and may register directly into the appropriate class. Students should contact the college board if AP scores have not been recorded correctly.
Math Labs
Tutoring for Math 070 through Math 210 is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the semester. Times and locations are announced in class.
Proficiency Exams
Proficiency exams are given at the end of each semester. Students must first get approval from their college and their major advisor. Rules governing the exam can be found in the undergraduate catalog. Students may petition to take proficiency exams in SEO 322 near the end of the term.
Emerging Scholars Program
ESP offers workshops where students can work on challenging mathematics problems with classmates using innovative techniques of cooperative learning...
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