UIC Math Placement through ALEKS

The University of Illinois at Chicago requires the UIC Math Placement Exam through ALEKS to assess a student's prerequisite knowledge for course placement. ALEKS is a powerful artificial-intelligence based assessment tool that zeros in on the strengths and weaknesses of a student's mathematical knowledge, reports its findings to the student, and then if necessary provides the student with a learning environment for bringing this knowledge up to an appropriate level for course placement.

  • All incoming transfer students must complete the ALEKS placement exam before the 5th day of enrollment for the entering Semester. In 2016, students are eligible for a maximum of five retakes within six months of creating an ALEKS account before taking a math course at UIC.

  • Every student enrolled in MATH 088, 090, 110, 118, 121, 125, 140, 165, 170, 180, and STAT 101 and 130 is required to obtain a minimum ALEKS placement score by the 5th day of enrollment of at least:

    • 80 for MATH 180
    • 75 for STAT 130 and MATH 170
    • 60 for MATH 121, 125, 165 and STAT 101
    • 46 for MATH 110, 140
    • 40 for MATH 110 with Math 093
    • 30 for MATH 090, 118
    • 29 or lower Math 090 with enrollment in Math 088 or MATH 118 with enrollment in Math 077
  • Every new incoming freshman is required to take UIC ALEKS Math Placement test regardless of her or his AP score.

  • A student can retake the ALEKS placement exam up to five times. Students are required to complete an ALEKS Learning Module before each retake.

Advanced Placement Credit

Score Credit For: Recommended Courses
AB-1,2; BC-1,2 No credit Schedule per placement test results
AB-3 Math 121 (effective Fall 2016) Math 180
AB-4,5 Math 180 Math 181
BC-3 and AB-4,5 Math 180 Math 181
BC-4,5 Math 180 and Math 181 Math 210
  • The current table with Advanced Placement scores is for Fall 2015.

Click to find out how to access the ALEKS placement exam

IF YOU ARE A CONTINUING STUDENT: Please contact the Math Department's Undergraduate Studies office, specifically one of the MSCS advisors:
  • Mary Hemby (Mtoliver@uic.edu, (312) 413-2172); or
  • (currently vacant) ( (312) 996-3055).
The Undergraduate Studies Office is located on the third floor of the Science and Engineering Offices building (SEO).
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