Many graduate courses are offered once per year or even once every two years. Thus, it is important for students to plan beyond the current term. From the Graduate Studies website students can access a variety of resources. Start with these links:

Faculty Mentors - Check this list to find the name of your assigned MSCS Faculty Mentor. Your Faculty Mentor will advise you on courses you can select that meet your academic and career goals.

Planned Schedule for graduate MATH courses - Check this list to see how often the graduate MATH courses are expected to be offered.

Planned Schedule for graduate STAT courses - Check this list to see how often the graduate STAT courses are expected to be offered.

Course Selection - Check this link for more details about the many resources that you should consult before selecting your courses.

Enrollment - Once you have decided on your classes, you are ready to enter your registration in the computer. The Enrollment link provides info on this process as well as registration and refund policies.

All course registrations and changes in registration must be approved by the student's faculty mentor or thesis advisor. The Course Schedule form should be signed by the faculty mentor or thesis advisor and submitted to the Graduate Studies office prior to the start of each term. Students are encouraged to register early, preferably during Advance Registration, to ensure that higher level courses are not canceled due to lack of enrollment.

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