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Wednesday May 6, 2015
pdf * Computer Science Seminar
Convex Risk Minimization and Conditional Probability Estimation
Matus Telgarsky (University of Michigan)
3:00 PM in SEO 427
This talk will investigate and strengthen the link between convex risk minimization and conditional probability estimation, a connection already notable for establishing consistency results (Friedman et al., 2000; Zhang, 2004; Bartlett et al., 2006). Specifically, this talk will first show that a differentiable loss function, linear space of predictors, and probability measure together define a unique optimal conditional probability model, moreover one which may be attained by the usual convex risk minimization. This result is proved in infinite dimensions, and thus gives a concrete convergence target for unregularized methods like boosting which can fail to have minimizers. Second, this convergence result is refined in finitely many dimensions to hold for empirical risk minimization. This uniform convergence result exhibits no dependence on the norms of its predictors, and thus can justify the practical effectiveness of minimally-regularized optimization schemes.
This is joint work with Miroslav Dudik and Robert Schapire
Thursday May 21, 2015
pdf * Algebraic Topology Seminar
Takayasu's cofiber sequences of Thom spectra over the classifying space of ${(\mathbb{Z}/2)}^n$
Maximilien Holmberg-Péroux (EPFL/UIC)
11:00 AM in SEO 1227
After presenting virtual vector bundles and their associated Thom spectra, I will present a modern point of view of the cofibre sequence of Takayasu’s paper « On stable summands of Thom spectra of $B(\mathbb{Z}/2)^n$ », its motivational aspect, and a sketch of the proof.
Saturday May 23, 2015
pdf * Conference
Chicago Number Theory Day -
Organizer: Nathan Jones (University of Illinois at Chicago)
9:00 AM in SEO 636
Friday August 28, 2015
pdf * Departmental Colloquium
M. Ram Murty (Queen's University (Canada))
3:00 PM in SEO 636
Wednesday October 14, 2015
pdf * Statistics Seminar
Jonathan Stallings (NCSU)
4:00 PM in SEO 636
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