Call for Proposals for Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions at each symposium offer opportunities for Chicago area faculty to engage in discussions on a range of topics in the teaching and learning of mathematics and science. We invite you to submit a proposal to organize and lead a breakout session at one of the symposia. Each symposium program will have thirty- to sixty-minute periods for small group breakout sessions.

Breakout sessions should highlight instructional and curricular activities by faculty in the Chicago area and provide opportunities for discussions of issues relating to undergraduate instruction in mathematics and science.

In the past participants have enjoyed a wide range of topics and varying types of format at our breakout sessions. Presenters may present an ongoing project or use the session to lead a discussion on an important issue. A session may focus on an undergraduate math or science course that is being offered in an innovative way or focus on issues of student learning that may apply to a wide range of situations. We invite first time presenters and innovative ideas. Please feel free to contact Martina Bode or any of the members of the Symposium Planning Board to discuss possibilities.

Proposals for a breakout session should include:

Send your proposal by email to Martina Bode. Include SYMP2018 in the subject line.

For more information, contact Martina by email or by phone: (312) 413-3752

Deadlines for submission: Proposals must be received by January 1, 2018 for full consideration.

Please note that all presenters at a breakout session must register for the symposium and pay the registration fee.