Publications of Michael Greenblatt

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Michael Greenblatt.  Applications of an elementary resolution of singularities algorithm to exponential sums and congruences modulo $p^n$.  2012.
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Christopher Boner, Gregory Godfrey, Thomas Mifflin and Michael Greenblatt.  Detecting terrorist activities in the 21st century: a theory of detection for transactional networks.  In 21st century enabling technologies and policies for counter-terrorism, pages 349-366.  Wiley IEEE , 2006.
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Michael Greenblatt.  A direct resolution of singularities for functions of two variables with applications to analysis.  J. Anal. Math., 92:233--257, 2004. MR2072748
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Michael Greenblatt.  Boundedness of singular Radon transforms on $L^ p$ spaces under a finite-type condition.  Amer. J. Math., 123(6):1009--1053, 2001. MR1867310
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