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Calendar for Friday October 7, 2022

Friday October 7, 2022
pdf * Learning Seminar: Categoricity of Canonical Structures and Fucshian Groups
Around categoricity of modular functions: understanding types--continued
Andres Villaveces (National University of Colombia)
2:00 PM in 1227 SEO
Abstract: I continue the description of the work of Daw, Harris and Zilber (categoricity of a theory of the j-function, in infinitary logic) building on the presentations by John Baldwin in the previous two lectures. I focus on several issues concerning the analysis of types, and the connection with Keisler's theorem.
Contact for zoom. Some will be in 1227. No meeting next week Oct 14 due to Steinhorn conference.

pdf * MATH Club
Additive Combinatorics and the Green Tao Theorem
Mustafa Nawaz (UIC Student)
2:00 PM in 612 SEO
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