Publications of Danny Martin

Maria Varelas, Danny Martin and Justine Kane.  Content learning and identity construction (Clic): an interpretive framework to strengthen African American students’ mathematics and science learning in urban elementary schools.  Human Development, , 2012.
Danny Martin.  Race, racial projects, and mathematics education.  Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, , 2012.
Danny Martin.  Learning mathematics whie Black.  The Journal of Educational Foundations, 26(1-2):47-66, 2012.
E. McGee and Danny Martin.  You would not believe what i have to go through to prove my intellectual value! stereotype management among successful Black college mathematics and engineering students.  American Educational Research Journal, 48(6):1347-1389, 2011.
E. McGee and Danny Martin.  From the hood to being hooded: a case study of a Black male PhD.  Journal of African American Males in Education, 2(1):46-65, 2011.
Danny Martin, Maisie Gholson and Jacqueline Leonard.  Mathematics as gatekeeper: power and privilege in the production of knowledge.  Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, 3(2):12-24, 2011.
Delaina Washington, Zayoni Torres, Maisie Gholson and Danny Martin.  Crisis as a discursive frame in mathematics education research and reform: implications for educating black children.  In Alternative forms of knowing (In) mathematics, pages n/a.  Sense Publishers, 2011.
Danny Martin.  Teaching other people's childen to teach other people's childre: reflections on integrating equity issues into a mathematics content course for elementary teachers.  In Mathematics teacher education in the public interest, pages n/a.  Information Age Publishing, 2011.
Danny Martin.  What does quality mean in the context of white institutional space.  In Mapping equity and quality agendas in mathematics education, pages 437-450.  Springer Publishing Company, 2011.
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