Publications of David E. Marker

Zoé Chatzidakis, David Marker, Amador Martin-Pizarro, Rahim Moosa and Sergei Starchenko.  Introduction [Recent developments in model theory].  Notre Dame J. Form. Log., 54(3-4):277, 2013. MR3091659
James Schmerl David Marker and Charles Steinhorn.  Uncountable real closed fields with pa integer parts.  2013.
David Marker.  Model theory and differential galois theoory.  (this is now in galley proofs).  2012.
David Marker.  Basic definability notions for $L_{\omega_1,\omega}$.  In proceedings of the 11th asian logic conference, pages 22-50.  World Sci. Publ., 2012. (This appears as an appendix to John Baldwin's paper ``Amalgamation, Absoluteness and Categoricity" ). 
Douglas Cenzer, Valentina Harizanov, David Marker and Carol Wood.  Preface [Special issue: The Workshop on Model Theory and Computable Model Theory, 2007].  Arch. Math. Logic, 48(1):1--6, 2009. MR2480930
David Marker.  Logic and model theory.  In Princeton companion to mathematics, pages 635-646.  Princeton University Press, 2008.
David Marker.  The Borel complexity of isomorphism for theories with many types.  Notre Dame J. Formal Logic, 48(1):93--97 (electronic), 2007. MR2289899
David Marker.  The number of countable differentially closed fields.  Notre Dame J. Formal Logic, 48(1):99--113 (electronic), 2007. MR2289900
David Marker, Margit Messmer and Anand Pillay.  Model theory of fields, volume 5 of Lecture Notes in Logic.  Association for Symbolic Logic, La Jolla, CA, 2006. MR2215060
David Marker.  A remark on Zilber's pseudoexponentiation.  J. Symbolic Logic, 71(3):791--798, 2006. MR2250821
David Marker and Theodore Slaman.  Decidability of the natural numbers with the almost-all quantifier.  2006.
David Marker.  Model theory, volume 217 of Graduate Texts in Mathematics.  Springer-Verlag, New York, 2002. MR1924282
L. Bélair, Z. Chatzidakis, P. D'Aquino, D. Marker, M. Otero, F. Point and A. Wilkie, editors.  Model theory and applications, volume 11 of Quaderni di Matematica [Mathematics Series].  Aracne Editrice, Rome, 2002. MR2159343
Luc Bélair, Zoé Chatzidakis, Paola D'Aquino, Dave Marker, Margarita Otero, Françoise Point and Alex Wilkie.  Introduction [To honor Angus Macintyre on his 60th birthday].  In Model theory and applications, pages xiii--xx.  Aracne, Rome, 2002. MR2159710
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David Marker.  Introduction to model theory.  In Model theory, algebra, and geometry, pages 15--35.  Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, 2000. MR1773700
David Marker.  Model theory of differential fields.  In Model theory, algebra, and geometry, pages 53--63.  Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, 2000. MR1773702
Dugald Macpherson, David Marker and Charles Steinhorn.  Weakly o-minimal structures and real closed fields.  Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 352(12):5435--5483 (electronic), 2000. MR1781273
David Marker.  Manin kernels.  In Connections between model theory and algebraic and analytic geometry, pages 1--21.  Dept. Math., Seconda Univ. Napoli, Caserta, 2000. MR1930680
David Marker.  Strongly minimal sets and geometry.  In Logic Colloquium '95 (Haifa), pages 191--213.  Springer, Berlin, 1998. MR1678361
David Marker.  Zariski geometries.  In Model theory and algebraic geometry, pages 107--128.  Springer, Berlin, 1998. MR1678535
David Marker and Anand Pillay.  Differential Galois theory. III. Some inverse problems.  Illinois J. Math., 41(3):453--461, 1997. MR1458184
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D. Marker, M. Messmer and A. Pillay.  Model theory of fields, volume 5 of Lecture Notes in Logic.  Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1996. MR1477154
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Lou van den Dries, Angus Macintyre and David Marker.  The elementary theory of restricted analytic fields with exponentiation.  Ann. of Math. (2), 140(1):183--205, 1994. MR1289495
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Leo Harrington, David Marker and Saharon Shelah.  Borel orderings.  Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 310(1):293--302, 1988. MR965754
David Marker.  An analytic equivalence relation not arising from a Polish group action.  Fund. Math., 130(3):225--228, 1988. MR970906
David Marker.  A strongly minimal expansion of $(\omega,s)$.  J. Symbolic Logic, 52(1):205--207, 1987. MR877867
David E. Marker and Laura L. Mayer.  Kueker's conjecture for o-minimal theories.  In Mathematical logic and theoretical computer science (College Park, Md., 1984--1985), pages 253--260.  Dekker, New York, 1987. MR930683
David Marker.  Omitting types in ${\mathcal O}$-minimal theories.  J. Symbolic Logic, 51(1):63--74, 1986. MR830073
Angus Macintyre and David Marker.  Degrees of recursively saturated models.  Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 282(2):539--554, 1984. MR732105
David Marker.  A model theoretic proof of Feferman's preservation theorem.  Notre Dame J. Formal Logic, 25(3):213--216, 1984. MR744835
David Marker.  Degrees of models of true arithmetic.  In Proceedings of the Herbrand symposium (Marseilles, 1981), volume 107 of Stud. Logic Found. Math., pages 233--242.  North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1982. MR757032
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