Publications of Irina Nenciu

Deniz Bilman and Irina Nenciu.  On the evolution of scattering data under perturbations of the Toda lattice.  Phys. D, 330:1--16, 2016.
Fritz Gesztesy, Marius Mitrea, Irina Nenciu and Gerald Teschl.  Decoupling of deficiency indices and applications to Schrödinger-type operators with possibly strongly singular potentials.  Adv. Math., 301:1022--1061, 2016.
Irina Nenciu.  A note on Poisson brackets for orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle.  Monatsh. Math., 170(3-4):425--436, 2013. MR3055796
Luen-Chau Li and Irina Nenciu.  The periodic defocusing Ablowitz-Ladik equation and the geometry of Floquet CMV matrices.  Adv. Math., 231(6):3330--3388, 2012. MR2980502
Gheorghe Nenciu and Irina Nenciu.  On essential self-adjointness for magnetic Schrödinger and Pauli operators on the unit disc in $\mathbb R^2$.  Lett. Math. Phys., 98(2):207--223, 2011. MR2845771
Michael Gekhtman and Irina Nenciu.  Multi-Hamiltonian structure for the finite defocusing Ablowitz-Ladik equation.  Comm. Pure Appl. Math., 62(2):147--182, 2009. MR2468606
Gheorghe Nenciu and Irina Nenciu.  On confining potentials and essential self-adjointness for Schrödinger operators on bounded domains in $\mathbb R^n$.  Ann. Henri Poincaré, 10(2):377--394, 2009. MR2511891
Irina Nenciu.  A note on circular trace formulae.  Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 136(8):2785--2792, 2008. MR2399042
Rowan Killip and Irina Nenciu.  CMV: the unitary analogue of Jacobi matrices.  Comm. Pure Appl. Math., 60(8):1148--1188, 2007. MR2330626
Irina Nenciu.  CMV matrices in random matrix theory and integrable systems: a survey.  J. Phys. A, 39(28):8811--8822, 2006. MR2240460
Irina Nenciu.  Lax pairs for the Ablowitz-Ladik system via orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle.  Int. Math. Res. Not., 11:647--686, 2005. MR2146324
Rowan Killip and Irina Nenciu.  Matrix models for circular ensembles.  Int. Math. Res. Not., 50:2665--2701, 2004. MR2127367
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