We recommend that non-UIC participants attend online. Any non-UIC participants who would like to attend in-person events need to register with the organizer at least three days before the seminar. If you have any questions, please contact Eloy Reyes.

Algebraic Geometry Seminar - Fall 2021

Usually meets Monday at 3:00 pm in Zoom.
August 23
August 30
Joaquin Moraga
Princeton University
Toroidalization principles for klt singularities
September 6
No seminar
Labor Day
September 13
Geoffrey Smith
Very free rational curves in Fano varieties
September 20
Tim Ryan
University of Michigan
Minimal free resolutions and birational geometry of moduli spaces of sheaves
September 27
Ritvik Ramkumar
UC Berkeley
Rational singularities of nested Hilbert schemes
October 4
Janet Page
University of Michigan
Extremal Hypersurfaces in Positive Characteristic
October 11
John Kopper
Penn State
Ample stable vector bundles on rational surfaces
October 18
Karl Schwede
University of Utah
Test ideals for quasi-projective schemes in mixed characteristic
October 25
Takumi Murayama
Princeton University
Vanishing theorems in equal characteristic zero
November 1
Greg Taylor
Asymptotic syzygies of secant varieties of curves
November 8
Hang (Amy) Huang
Texas A&M University
Tensor Ranks and Matrix Multiplication Complexity
November 15
Ziquan Zhuang
Properness of the K-moduli space
November 22
November 29
(2:00 pm; Zoom)
Christian Liedtke
Technical University Munich
Quotient singularities in positive characteristic
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