We recommend that non-UIC participants attend online. Any non-UIC participants who would like to attend in-person events need to register with the organizer at least three days before the seminar. If you have any questions, please contact Eloy Reyes.

Logic Seminar - Spring 2022

Usually meets Tuesday at 4:00 pm in SEO 636.
January 11
January 18
January 25
February 1
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
James Freitag
February 8
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Dima Sinapova
Prikry forcing and stationary reflection
February 15
February 22
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Filippo Calderoni
Rotation equivalence and superrigidity
March 1
March 8
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
David Marker
Rigid differentially closed fields
March 15
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Matt Foreman
Classifying the qualitative behavior of smooth transformations using descriptive set theory
March 22
No seminar
Spring Break
March 29
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Artem Chernikov
Keisler randomization and higher order VC-dimension
April 5
(4:00 pm; 427 SEO)
David Meretzky
University of Notre Dame
New Constants in Differential Galois Theory
April 12
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
John Baldwin
Category theory and Model Theory: Symbiotic Scaffolds
April 19
April 26
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
John Baldwin
Strongly minimal Steiner systems: combinatorics and classification
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