Logic Seminar - Spring 2021

Usually meets Tuesday at 4:00 pm in Zoom.
January 12
January 19
Filippo Calderoni
Order(s) and classification
January 26
February 2
Sean Cox
Gorenstein Homological Algebra and elementary submodels
February 9
February 16
Dino Rossegger
University of Waterloo
Degree spectra of analytic complete equivalence relations
February 23
March 2
(11:00 am; Zoom)
Katrin Tent
University of Muenster
Defining $R$ and $G(R)$
March 9
(11:00 am; Zoom)
Gianluca Basso
Compact metrizable structures via projective Fraïssé theory
March 9
(4:00 pm; the internet)
Natasha Dobrinen
Fraisse classes with simply characterized big Ramsey degrees
March 16
Alexi Block Gorman
Fractal Dimensions and Definability from Büchi Automata
March 23
No seminar
Spring Break
March 30
Sittinon Jirattikansakul
Blowing up the power of singular cardinal of any uncountable cofinality with collapses
April 6
(11:00 am; Zoom)
Raphael Carroy
University of Turin
Some finite basis results for quasi-orders
April 13
Andrew Marks
The decomposability conjecture
April 20
(11:00 am; Zoom)
Hang Lu Su
ICMAT, Madrid
Left-orders of low computational complexity
April 27
Gabriel Goldberg
UC Berkeley
Strong compactness and the $\omega$-club filter.
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