Logic Seminar - Fall 2020

Usually meets Tuesday at 4:00 pm in Zoom.
August 25
September 1
(2:00 pm; Zoom)
Shaun Allison
Carnegie Mellon
Classification by TSI Polish group actions
September 8
September 15
(11:00 am; Zoom)
Ralf Schindler
Martin's Maximum$^{++}$ implies the $P_\text{max}$ axiom $(\ast)$.
September 22
September 29
(11:00 am; Zoom)
Monroe Eskew
Weak square from weak presaturation
October 6
October 13
(2:00 pm; Zoom)
Matteo Viale
Università di Torino
Tameness for set theory
October 20
October 26
Jenna Zomback
A backward ergodic theorem and its forward implications
October 27
November 3
(3:00 pm; Zoom)
James Freitag
Highly transitive group actions and model theory
November 10
(2:00 pm; Zoom)
Vincenzo Mantova
Factorising in the simplest integer part of surreal numbers
November 17
November 24
(2:00 pm; Zoom)
Rachel Skipper
Ohio State
The Cantor-Bendixson rank of the Grigorchuk group
December 1
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