We recommend that non-UIC participants attend online. Any non-UIC participants who would like to attend in-person events need to register with the organizer at least three days before the seminar. If you have any questions, please contact Eloy Reyes.

Analysis and Applied Mathematics Seminar - Spring 2022

Usually meets Monday at 4:00 pm in SEO 636 or Zoom per schedule.
January 10
January 17
No seminar
Martin Luther King Day
January 24
(4:00 pm; Zoom)
Silas Alben
U Michigan
Packing and locomotion with friction
January 31
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Evelyn Richman
Strong Magnetic Field Limit in a Nonlinear Iwatsuka-Type Model
February 7
(4:00 pm; Zoom)
Paolo Piersanti
Indiana U
Approximation of the solution of an obstacle problem for shallow shells via the Finite Element Method
February 14
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Anuj Kumar
UC Santa Cruz
Optimizing scalar transport with branching pipe flows
February 21
(4:00 pm; Zoom)
Yu Gu
University of Maryland
KPZ on a large torus
February 28
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Brian Seguin
Loyola U
Some projects related to developable surfaces: closed ribbons, generating surfaces, and a bonus
March 7
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Daesung Kim
Martingale transform and their projection on $\mathbb{Z}^{d}$
March 14
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Hao Shen
Dynamical approach to lattice Yang-Mills
March 21
No seminar
Spring Break
March 28
(4:00 pm; Zoom)
Benjamin Dodson
Johns Hopkins University
Scattering for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation in a critical space
April 4
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Trevor Leslie
University of Southern California
Sticky Particle Methods for the 1D Euler Alignment System
April 11
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Guher Camliyurt
University of Chicago
Global well-posedness and scattering in nonlinear wave equations
April 18
(4:00 pm; Zoom)
Oussama Landoulsi
Florida International University
Asymptotic dynamics of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation in the exterior of obstacle
April 25
(4:00 pm; 636 SEO)
Francisco Mengual
Institute for Advanced Study
Instabilities in Fluid Mechanics and Convex Integration
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