Departmental Colloquium - Spring 2018

Usually meets Friday at 3:00 pm in SEO 636.
January 9
Florian Frick
Intersections of Finite Sets: Geometry and Topology
January 12
Cyrus Jeffrey DiCiccio
Stanford University
Improving Efficiency of Hypothesis Tests via Data Splitting
January 16
Xiongtao Dai
The University of California at Davis
Principal Component Analysis for Functional Data on Riemannian Manifolds and Spheres
January 17
Xiaoxiao Sun
University of Georgia
Theory Informs Practice: Smoothing Parameters Selection for Smoothing Spline ANOVA Models in Large Samples
January 18
Will Perkins
University of Birmingham
Randomized computational problems and the cavity method
January 19
John Wilmes
Georgia Institute of Technology
The Complexity of Learning Neural Networks
January 23
Elynn Y. Chen
Rutgers University
Constrained Factor Models for High-Dimensional Matrix-Variate Time Series
January 24
Boxiang Wang
University of Minnesota
Modern Classification with Big Data
January 25
Ping-Shou Zhong
Michigan State University
Unified tests for functional concurrent linear models and the phase transition from sparse to dense functional data
January 26
February 2
February 5
Daniel Lokshtanov
University of Bergen
Coping with NP-hardness
February 9
February 16
Joseph M. Landsberg
Texas A&M University
On the geometry of matrix multiplication
February 23
Mirela Ciperiani
University of Texas at Austin
Divisibility and solvability in the arithmetic of genus one curves.
March 2
March 9
Michael Loss
Georgia Institute of Technology
Mark Kac's perspective on kinetic theory
March 16
Avrim Blum
Toyota Technology Institute at Chicago
Learning about Agents and Mechanisms from Opaque Transactions
March 23
(3:00 pm; Lecture Center A1)
Joe Harris
The Maximal Rank Theorem
March 30
Spring Vacation
April 6
Andre Neves
University of Chicago and Imperial College London
Wow, so many minimal surfaces!
April 13
Harm Derksen
University of Michigan
Constructive Invariant Theory and Noncommutative Rank
April 20
Steve Shkoller
University of California at Davis
PDE Methods for the Numerical Simulation of Compressible Fluids
April 27
Adrian Diaconu
University of Minnesota
Multiple Dirichlet series and moments of L-functions
May 4
Ramin Takloo-Bighash
TBA (Colloquium in Celebration of 10 years of Atkin Memorial Lectures)
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