Departmental Colloquium - Fall 2012

Usually meets Friday at 3:00 pm in SEO 636.
August 31
September 7
September 14
Izzet Coskun
The Hilbert Scheme of Points
September 21
Amie Wilkinson
University of Chicago
The "general case"
September 28
October 5
Alex Furman
Dynamics on some homogeneous spaces
October 12
October 19
Richard Hain
Duke University
Mapping class groups and rational points of algebraic curves
October 25
(5:00 pm; SEO 636)
Dr. Zalman Usiskin
University of Chicago
What Does It Mean to "Understand" Mathematics in the Common Core State Standards?
October 26
Irina Nenciu
University of Illinois at Chicago
On confining potentials and essential self-adjointness for Schrödinger operators
November 2
Benny Sudakov
Induced Matchings, Arithmetic Progressions and Communication
November 9
Menachem Magidor
Hebrew University Jerusalem
Some Reflections on The Continuum Hypothesis
November 16
Burt Totaro
The integral Hodge conjecture for 3-folds
November 23
No seminar
November 28
Sarah Koch
Harvard University
An algebraic fingerprint for postcritically finite rational maps
November 30
Dean Baskin
Northwestern University
Title: Decay of waves on conic manifolds
December 3
Daniel Erman
University of Michigan
The cone of syzygies
December 5
Wesley Pegden
Apollonian structure in the Abelian sandpile
December 7
Kevin Tucker
Princeton University
An Introduction to F-signature
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