Departmental Colloquium - Fall 2016

Usually meets Friday at 3:00 pm in SEO 636.
August 26
September 2
September 9
September 16
Charles Doering
University of Michigan
Heat Rises: 100 Years of Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
September 23
Todd Kemp
University of California San Diego
Random Matrices, Heat Flow, and Lie Groups
September 30
Carl Mueller
University of Rochester
Hitting questions for stochastic processes and stochastic PDE
October 7
October 14
October 21
(3:00 pm; LC F6)
Richard Canary
University of Michigan
Simple Length Rigidity
October 28
November 4
Michael Overton
Courant Institute, NYU
Numerical Investigation of Crouzeix’s Conjecture
November 11
Andrew Suk
On the Erdos-Szekeres convex polygon problem
November 18
November 21
(4:00 pm; SEO 636)
University of Maryland
Geometry on the space of Kaehler metrics and applications to canonical metrics
November 22
Aaron Brown
University of Chicago
Lattice actions on manifolds and recent progress in the Zimmer program
November 25
No seminar
November 28
(4:00 pm; SEO 636)
Giulia Sacca
Stony Brook University
Compact Hyperkahler manifolds
November 29
Jennifer Balakrishnan
Boston University
Rational points on curves and iterated p-adic integrals
November 30
(4:00 pm; SEO 636)
Julius ROSS
University of Cambridge, UK
Complex Geometry Made Simple
December 1
Martino Lupini
California Institute of Technology
Universal objects and extreme amenability: where topological dynamics meets Ramsey theory
December 2
(4:00 pm; SEO 636)
Hongbin Sun
University of California, Berkeley
Arithmetic hyperbolic manifold groups contain nonseparable subgroups
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