Logic Seminar - Spring 2018

Usually meets Tuesday at 3:00 pm in SEO 427.
January 16
January 23
(3:30 pm; SEO 427)
James Freitag
Machine learning and independence
January 30
February 1
(3:30 pm; SEO 427)
Ioannis Souldatos
University of Detroit Mercy
Is the amalgamation property for $L_{\omega_1,\omega}$-sentences absolute for transitive models of ZFC?
February 6
(3:30 pm; SEO 427)
Dima Sinapova
SCH and stronger tree proeprties
February 13
(3:30 pm; SEO 427)
Trevor Wilson
Miami University
Generic Vopenka cardinals and models with few Suslin sets
February 20
February 27
(1:00 pm; SEO 427)
James Freitag
Cell decomposition in o-minimal structures
February 27
(3:30 pm; SEO 427)
Anush Tserunyan
A pointwise ergodic theorem for quasi-pmp graphs
March 6
(3:30 pm; SEO 427)
Caroline Terry
University of Maryland
Jumps in speeds of hereditary properties.
March 13
(3:30 pm; SEO 427)
Filippo Calderoni
Università di Torino
The bi-embeddability relation for countable torsion abelian groups
March 20
(3:30 pm; SEO 427)
Travis Nell
Distal and non-Distal Behavior
March 27
April 3
April 10
(3:30 pm; SEO 427)
Martin Zeman
University of California Irvine
Constructing iteration strategies for background certified extender models in the presence of Woodin cardinals
April 17
April 24
(3:30 pm; SEO 427)
Natasha Dobrinen
University of Denver
Colorings of finite subgraphs of the universal triangle-free graph
May 1
(3:30 pm; SEO 427)
Jindrich Zapletal
University of Florida
Hypergraphs and proper forcing
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